Top 10 Thursday – Favourite Mobile Phone Games

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Having a mobile phone is not just about being able to keep in touch with friends and family via calls or messaging. It’s about the apps you have, social media, news and weather streams and games.  My phone has so many different things on it to keep me entertained and I thought that today’s Top 10 should be about some of my favourite games.

  • BlockDoku – a game where you make lines and squares using given shapes.  This game is a really simple concept (similar to Tetris but instead of falling shapes that you have to try to make fall in the right place, you have a series of shapes that you place yourself)
  • Block! Triangle Puzzle! – a puzzle game where you have to fit the given shapes into a larger shape to fill it.
  • Candy Crush – a game where you switch different candies to gain points, special boosters and “save” ingredients.
  • Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – this is a game where you have to help other animals, make friends and create your own camp site.
  • ReDecor – An interior design game where you are set a brief and have to decorate the room accordingly (probably my number 1 game!)
  • Merge Magic – there are levels to complete by merging items, creating orbs and finishin in a certain timeframe and another part of the game where you can play in “the garden” and clear cursed land, create creatures and collect items.
  • Design Home – Anotehr interior design game where you choose furniture and other room items and decorate according to a brief or specified style or item range.
  • WordStacks – a word finding game where you have stacks of letters that make words associated with the “theme” of the level.
  • Words With Friends – play against other players in a game of scrabble.
  • Sand Balls – this game entails moving balls from one point to another by creating a path through sand, avoiding any obstructions and collecting other balls or keys along the way.

What are some of your favourite games to play on your phone?  I’m always on the look out for something new to play so let me know in the comments of any recommendations you have!!!!

13 thoughts on “Top 10 Thursday – Favourite Mobile Phone Games

  1. I have a very basic phone. I don’t think it has any games at all.
    But on my old Nokia, there was a snake game. Every time the snake ate something, it grew longer. I can’t remember what it was called.

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    1. Ah Mel, l know the game you mean – l have a Doro 1360 that has that exact same snake game – but l can never find it except when l am bored out of my skull in a waiting room somewhere. I don’t have a fancy phone, just a brick.

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      1. My old phone was a very basic Nokia. When that packed in, the next basic phone I picked up was made by Alcatel? and they are seriously basic, beyond basic!!!

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      2. Ha ha – yes, l have had one of those French makes myself in the past – basic but robust – even if not really pretty 🙂 They do the job.

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      3. Oh yes Suzi, aint that the truth and updates – good grief, they never seem to stop updating ha ha


  2. Wow, that’s a lot of games Suzi – l don’t have a phone that has that capacity, mine is a brick and not even Internet connected, but Suze has a fancy pants phone and she has word games on it like the ones you describe.

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      1. Ha yes, that’s the way of Asperger’s, we have to keep the brain constantly stimulated 🙂


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