Blog Toolkit


Blog Planning and Scheduling

  1. My blog post planner which is essentially a book full of post ideas and notes on things to write about.
    Blog Post Planner


  2. An excel spreadsheet with all my post titles on one workbook and then work out where they are to be posted using another workbook tab that contains my schedule.
  3. My blog schedule diary, where I write down all the posts for the month and any notes of things to add before they are published, mark as scheduled once they are complete and tick off once they have gone live.

Blog Writing

  1. My Dell laptop.  It’s really ancient and my lovely brother has rescued it several times (I had some software and hard drive issues a while back but it works like it’s brand new now!).img_1249


Blog Photos and Editing

  1. My cameras.  I use an iphone 8 to take most of my photos but also use a Canon EOS1300D with a 18-55mm lens.
  2. I use Photoshop Elements to edit my photos on my laptop and use Enlight or PS Express when editing photos on my phone.
  3. Portable Light Box which I use on the odd occasion.
  4. I use LogoScopic to create logos and headings for my blog.
  5. I use Canva to create my photo layouts.


Other Blog Info

  1. I’m currently using the Sketch theme
  2. I post regularly on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with the odd one or 2 posts thrown in on other days of the week.