Sunday Funday – Guess Who’s Back?!!!


I’m finally back online after a few weeks without internet!  My phone is fixed and I’m so glad to be blogging again!  These past few weeks without a fully functioning phone and internet have been crazy and made me realise how much I rely on the internet for even the smallest of things, from checking the weather, staying in contact with friends on WhatsApp or online to even checking in with my parents, reading blog posts, sharing photo and even gaming or designing things.  Being without any proper means of contact or “entertainment” has made me realise that, perhaps, I have a bit of an unhealthy relationship with my phone and the internet itself.

Being away from the internet made me think about how I use the internet and how things were in the past, before the internet.  I love blogging and really missed that, and I missed being able to use my design software that is internet-based to create any designs and I missed being able to find tv shows or films to watch on NetFlix, it amazes me that with so many different channels on Freeview that there is so little that is worth sitting and watching!

I would love to say that I had done something really productive with my time away from the internet, and I probably would have if the weather had been better, but I have been spending a lot of my time listening to all of the audiobooks I had downloaded, sorting out bills and finances, taking some extra long baths, doodling and taking naps!  I did have a visit from a guy to fix the windows in my house, they have been letting in an awful draft every time the wind blows or when it gets cold (which is pretty constant since its winter here!), seems that the windows hadn’t been fitted properly and the bit of frame that holds the glass in place hadn’t been secured or clipped into place properly so all of my heating was going out of the house.  Now it has been fixed I have noticed a huge difference in the warmth of the house, especially in the mornings and when I get home from work.

What have you all been up to?  What have I missed?  I’d love to know all about your last few weeks so let me know in the comments!  Also, leave me a link for a blog post of yours that you have been proud of this month!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Funday – Guess Who’s Back?!!!

  1. Yay! You’re back!!! Glad you have your internet sorted and are back into the digital world. It’s hard to live without phones and internet lol I know I couldn’t do it. I don’t even have a tv so if I had no wifi connection I’d have no entertainment. I’m doing a “catch up” post today myself so I won’t spend the time filling you in here 😂

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    1. It’s really hard! So many times I’ve been thinking of something and thought “ah, I’ll just google that” and not been able to! Lol! I’m working my way through everyone’s blog posts now!!! Xxx

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  2. I was wondering where you were Suzi. There are a few bloggers I know seem to have wanted a little break in January. I didn’t realize you had no internet!

    I have had to work 60 hours a week since the start of the year. But the best things I think going on in WordPress are the February Music Festival LOVE IS IN DA BLOG…hosted by Bee; FANDANGOS FEBRUARY EXPRESSIONS, and as always Teresa Grabs is hosting some wonderful writing prompts.

    My news is that as of this weekend, my first ever book is live on Amazon! I can hardly believe it is finally a real thing!

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  3. Hi Suzi, so glad to see you back. I know what you mean we are all so dependant on our internet! Plus you were cold, that must of been miserable! Well you are back now internet and windows hopefully fixed 💜💜💜🌈🌈

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