Saturday Shout Out – A Geeky Gal

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Today’s Saturday Shout Out goes to Megan of A Geeky Gal.  Megan has been running her blog for the past 5 years though has been blogging in cyberspace for around 6 years or so!

My blog is about geeky things: video & board game reviews, anime reviews, cosplay, geek fashion, and more.  I even do yearly 3- Day Challeges that centre on geek subjects like anime and video games.  I just released that a new series called Mental Health in the Geek Community where I tackle strategies for things like burn out, self care, making friends as an adult and more.

I asked Megan for some of the favourite blog posts that she has written…

30 Day Video Game Challenge

30 Day Anime Challenge

Spoilers! We Had a Wedding

5 Tips For When Geeks Burn Out

Another Geek’s Success is Not Your Failure: How To Take Joy Back

I really like how helpful and useful all Megan’s tips are, especially in the “5 Tips For When Geeks Burn Out”, and I’m sure, as bloggers, we have all been there at some point!

A Geeky Gal Fun Fact: A Geeky Gal was started after another blog attempt so I could write about gaming and my adult braces journey!

Megan Fun Fact: I’m an INFJ

You can find Megan over at her blog A Geeky Gal or over on social media…


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