Blogging Goals

I think it is always a good idea when starting something that you have some kind of goal to aim for, a list of things you can cross off once you have achieved them and something to look back on from time to time so you can assess how things are coming along.  A list of goals helps me to stay focused and concentrate on what is important to me.  Today I am sharing my goals for this blog, and what I will do to achieve them.


  • Blog Schedule. Aside from December (That schedule was a bit mad) I try to post on a Tuesday and a Friday.  This seems to suit me as I have a few days in which to be able to research, take photographs and write my post.  My goal for this year is to try and keep up with a 2 post a week schedule and try not to deviate from posting on a tuesday and a friday.
  • Follows and Likes. Currently my followers stands at 70 and I get maybe 2 or 3 likes on some of my posts.  I’d really like to get 150 followers by the end of the year and a few likes on each post I make.
  • Twitter.  Now that I have a Twitter account set up I’d like to learn how it works fully and start following people that I’m interested in and become involved in blog conversations on there.
  • Interaction/Networking.  While I follow a handful of blogs and read their posts on a day-to-day basis I rarely comment on their content.  I am going to start to make an effort to comment at least once a week on posts that really resonate with me.  I would also like to start networking with other bloggers who write about similar things as me and feel that twitter will help me with this.
  • Social Media.  I am going to try to up my game when it comes to social media and post content more regularly on the social media I already have set up (Twitter and Instagram).  Hopefully, by posting more content I will attract some new readers and followers along the way!
  • Photography.  While I have a degree in Photographic Art I don’t feel that the photos I take on this blog live up to my capabilities.  I feel that I need to work on setting up my images and work on the lighting aspect of the photo.  I really want to be able to take more photos in a fashion and advertising style to fit my blog style.

Do you have any blog goals for this year?

7 thoughts on “Blogging Goals

  1. I never make any goals for my blog. It’s just a hobby haha. I guess to get through the A to Z challenge in April but that’s about it

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  2. I guess, for me, the biggest thing is to continue growing, both as a blog and as a writer. And I’d like to remain consistent with the schedule I’ve created for myself. I’m sure I’ll allow myself some days off here and there, because burn out is an inevitability. But the schedule thing is actually new for me in the last month or so. Before it was just a rough outline of what I’d post when that I kept in my head. Now I’ve got it all in an Excel file. Very official.

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    1. I do most of my scheduling in Excel! And I have found a notebook/diary thing that helps me with post ideas and notes about what I want to write about as well as a proper diary for keeping a hard copy of my schedule written down and with me at all times! 🙂 xx

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      1. I bought a planner/calendar last week with every intention of organizing my life in some sort of hard copy form… But then I left the planner at work all week and haven’t written a single thing in it. I’m doing real good with that.

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  3. My goals for 2019 are personal goals. I chose not to focus on blogging as much. I need to heal in order to put my best foot forward and reach a level of success, for myself. I skipped this part last year and was quickly reminded I must forgive so I can move forward. I am always open for collaboration.

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