Our Wedding (In Pictures)

Wedding Fun Facts

  • Our bridesmaid is also my step-daughter
  • Best Man is married to our (f) witness
  • Many of our photos were taken by the daughter of our Best Man and Witness
  • I wanted a black Cadillac as one of my all time favourite songs is Time Bomb by Rancid
  • Both of my brothers are younger than me!
  • I’ve known my Maid of Honour for around 17 years
  • I’ve known my husband since starting secondary school, his sister and I were best friends
  • There are ducks on our cake because I love and collect toy ducks

Relation Status Level Up – from Miss to Mrs

The biggest thing that happened in 2021 was that I got married! You may remember me mentioning that I had a new boyfriend back in 2020 (see the post here). Since 2020 Rob has moved in with me, we got engaged in February 2021 and then got married on 3rd August 2021!

We got married during lock down, in some ways it was stressful planning the day when all the rules kept changing, especially regarding how many people we could invite, whether we had to wear face masks or not and whether we could have a wedding reception.

We decided on a small wedding, partly due to the ever changing COVID rules but also as we wanted something small and intimate. We had already decided that we didn’t want a wedding that we would be paying off way into the future and, to help us stay within budget, we kept the guest list small.

Here’s some photos and details of our wedding

Where – Our Local Registry Office

When – 03/08/2021 at 11:30am


  • Mother of the Bride – Linda
  • Father of the Bride – Brian
  • Maid of Honour – Jesamine (my best friend)
  • Bridesmaid – Charlotte (Rob’s daughter)
  • Flower Girl – Ellie (my niece)
  • Page Boy – James (my nephew)
  • Best Man – Terry (Rob’s best friend)
  • Witnesses – Vicky (Terry’s wife), Ben (my brother)
  • Reader – Richard (my brother)
  • Photos – Tiffany – Terry and Vickys daughter
  • Guests – Egle (my sister in law, wife of Ben, mum to James and Ellie), Jordan (Charlotte’s boyfriend)

I walked down the aisle to Lonestar – Amazed and we had Neil Diamond – Hello My Friend playing while we signed the register. Our song that we chose to walk out to was Kiss – I Was Made For Loving You.

After the ceremony we all headed to a local pub for food and drinks.

2021…The Highlights

As I sit here with both feet now firmly planted in 2022, and the first month of the year nearly coming to an end I’m feeling the way I normally do at this time of the new year, where I think and reflect upon the year that has been before I start looking toward what this new year will bring (and so far 2022 is shaping up to be a fairly interesting one so far, but I’ll save that for another post!).

2021 was an eventful year for me, more in a personal capacity than any other way. Here are the biggest highlights of my 2021

2021…the year I turned 40. When I was a kid I thought that 40 was such an old age, but in all honesty its really not that bad. I turned 40 in October and had a small get together with a few close friends and my partner. I had an 80’s themed evening where we all dressed in 80s themed outfits, danced to 80’s music and had a few drinks. It was a brilliant way to leave my 30’s behind and welcome in the next decade of my life!

2021…the year we got engaged! Rob and I had been together 10 months when we got engaged in February 2021. Living with my best friend and knowing him since I was 12 had been amazing but to be asked to become his wife was the most amazing thing in the whole world. We spent much of 2021 planning our wedding.

2021…the year I had a hen do (or 2!)! I had 2 hen do’s in 2021, one with my parents, brothers, sister in law, niece and nephew and one that my maid of honour organised for me. I got taken out for afternoon tea at the Celtic Manor by my family where we had sandwiches and cakes served on tiered trays which was served with a choice of several fruit teas (I chose strawberries and cream – very tasty!). It was lovely to spend time with my family, especially my brother, his wife and my niece and nephew who we don’t get to see very often. My maid of honour arranged a festival themed hen do at my house which was so good! We had so much fun, dancing, singing, party games and different cocktails! There will be a post about these coming up soon!!!!

2021…the year I turned a hobby into a business. I’m a qualified nail technician and have been doing my own nails for years, though the bit I really enjoy is the designs! I have been designing my own press on nails and after so many compliments and people asking me where they were from or who did them for me I took a bit of a leap into starting up my own press on nail business late into 2021. I’ve had a few customers so far and am pretty pleased with how things are developing and I have so many ideas for new designs! If you are interested, you can check out my nails on my nail Instagram.

2021…the year I went from Miss to Mrs! We set the date for our wedding and decided on 3rd August 2021. The date is special in my family, its my Mum and Dads Wedding date, my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding date and my Aunt’s Birthday too so there is a bit of a tradition there! The day went far too fast for us but we have tons of photos and some amazing memories of the day that will be shared soon!!!

What are some of your highlights of 2021? I’d love to hear all about them so let me know in the comments!