Top 10 Products I Consume Daily

Top 10 ProductsI Consume Daily

When we talk about consuming we readily think about what we eat but rarely do we thing about the other things that we ingest, whether it be data, words or any other product.  Today I am sharing with you the things that I consume on a daily basis.

  • Books.  I love reading, especially during my lunch break in work, it gives me space to free my brain from the mundane tasks of my day to day work life and helps restore my concentration for the afternoon.
  • TV shows.  I spend my evenings watching shows on Netflix.  I find that watching tv can be a lovely way to relax and unwind and empty my head of any nagging thoughts or anxieties.
  • Energy.  Gas, electric, calories.  As a human we are geared towards consuming energy.  So many things we use in our daily lives need to have a power supply, the phones we use, our computers, lighting, and we consume this energy a lot of the time without even being aware that we are doing so.
  • Time.  Time is precious and fleeting yet I seem to waste much of it not really doing anything of a productive nature with it.  I often wonder how much time I could save myself on a day-to-day basis by being more aware of how I am spending each minute.
  • Phone minutes and texts.  Since the invention of mobile phones it seems that we are becoming more connected than ever, and in some ways that can make us more sociable creatures.  I don’t use that many minutes out of my contract but I do text a heck of a lot each day.
  • Water.  I use water to shower, brush my teeth, wash my dishes, clean my clothes, flush the toilet, for drinking and cooking and I never think about how much water I actually use.
  • Entertainment.  I am a visual consumer; I love to visit art shows and galleries, look at things on line and am forever flicking through books and magazines.  I am also an audio consumer and always have music playing if I am driving somewhere.  Whatever we choose to entertain us, I think we have all become reliant on entertainment of any kind to amuse us.
  • Technology.  I never really used to watch the weather report on the television and much preferred to open my curtain and peer outside to see what it was doing but the invention of smart phones and apps mean that I use technology in nearly all aspects of my life.  I have an app for the weather, a to do list, a calendar and many other technological things that help in my day.
  • Statistics.  I love to sit and check out my statistics on my blog and other social media platforms and am amazed at what can be captured so easily these days.  I love seeing the ebb and flow of my post views, likes and follows.  It really does fascinate me.
  • Products.  I come into contact with a vast array of products each day, from getting up in the morning and reaching for my alarm, brushing my teeth, to pens and paper and other things.