This Month On The Blog


September marks a really important milestone in my blogging life.  My blog turns 1 later in the month so I have themed many of this month’s posts around blogging, from where I find inspiration for my blog posts, blog post ideas, what a typical “blogging” day looks like for me, blog challenges and how I have overcome them and my plans for the blog for the coming year.

I am also launching a new business which will be shared here on the day!  I am doing a series of count down posts to the big day so you shouldn’t miss the big day itself!

This month sees the return of my Saturday Shout Out series and I have a lot of brilliant blogs to share with you each Saturday!

There are also the usual posts – Top 10 Thursday, Weekly Roundups each Sunday along with the return of my Saturday Shout Out series which I am really excited to be starting back up as I have a lot of brilliant bloggers and blogs to share with you!

What have you got planned for your blogs this month?  Let me know in the comments as I’d love to know!