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In Case You Missed It was started a few months ago as a chance for you to discover some of my favourite posts that I wrote and published to my blog in the previous month that you may have missed. This month I am looking back at some of my favourite posts for September.

I love planning what my goals will be for the month ahead and my goals for September were no exception!  I love to be able to look back at all of the goals I have set myself and see what I have achieved, and also acknowledge the ones that didn’t go quite to plan.

I ran a countdown on the blog to something that I have been planning for ages and I was really pleased to be able to share my new venture with you all on the blog!

I’m always really interested in where people find inspiration and love to read posts that have been written about inspiration, it always amazes me that we can find inspiration from so many different things.  I wrote this post to add to the conversations and to share where most of my inspiration comes from.

For me, this quarterly look at what journals, diaries and planners work for me is really useful in assessing what will work for me in the future.  I started the year with an absurd number of different diaries, planners and journals but along the way I have found what works best for me, this post is all about what I am currently utilising as my planning tool.

With my blog turning 1 I decided to focus on the year ahead in my blog life.  When I started this blog I didn’t really have any plans for it, but as time has passed and my blog has become more and more a part of my life I thought it would be a good time to sit and think about goals to have in the year to come.

My blog finally turned 1 and I decided to mark the occasion with a blog post and little video that I had made to celebrate!

As part of my blog birthday celebrations, I have decided to host a giveaway!  There are 9 days left to enter, so if you want to be in with a chance of winning something awesome, designed by me, head over to the post and enter 🙂 !

What have been your favorite blog posts this month?  Leave me a link in the comments as I’d love to check them out!

In Case You Missed It

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In Case You Missed It was started a few months ago as a chance for you to discover some of my favourite posts that I wrote and published to my blog in the previous month that you may have missed. This month I am looking back at some of my favourite posts for August.

I really love doing product reviews and this Love Beauty and Planet review that I wrote about the Shampoo and Conditioner is one of my favorites so far.  I really love the products and am so pleased to find ones that are vegan, ethical and use recycled plastics to create their packaging.

I am a firm believer that, with the right mindset, plans and a bit of thought, we can achieve anything.  In my blog post “How To Achieve Anything” I share my methods when I have goals I want to achieve.

This was my first “Blogger Recognition Award” which was gifted to me by the lovely Ami of Undercover Superhero.  I love recieving awards, answering the questions and gifting them on to other deserving bloggers.  I think that Awards can help our audience get to know us a little bit better, we can learn about other bloggers and they are a fantastic networking tool too!

I love to share anything about blogging and this post covered my blog planning for teh coming year (2020).  I have so much going on with my blog over the next few months and want to introduce new things to the blog and felt that now would be the perfect time to review what works and what doesn’t on my blog and to start planning my content for next year.  I started early as I want to be able to see how my months will work and how certain posts will flow in regard to other posts.

This post is all about how to take your Summer wardrobe through to Autumn which can be an awkward time of the year to dress for given that one day could be warm and another chilly, damp or rainy.  I wrote this post with a view to giving suggestions of how to deal with all of the climate changes that are happening in this period.

This was by far one of my most though of posts and one that I couldn’t decide whether to share or not.  There is a certain amount of anxiety and worry that comes with launching a new business and Ihad thought long and hard about how I was going to announce it and whether I should or not.  But, after a lot of thought, I finally decided that I would share it here!

What have been your favorite blog posts that you have written this month?  Leave a link in the comments and I shall check it out!

In Case You Missed It

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In Case You Missed It was started a few months ago as a chance for you to discover some of my favourite posts that I wrote and published to my blog in the previous month that you may have missed. This month I am looking back at some of my favourite posts for July.

· How to Bullet Journal

Journaling of any kind is quite a personal experience and there isn’t one way that is better than another is, or that is right and another considered wrong. I decided to share how I bullet journal as a way to help and guide others that may want to start journaling, from the things you may need through to my method for setting up a journal.

· How to Develop Your Own Fashion Style

I really enjoyed writing this post about how to create your own fashion style. I think it is all too easy to buy “fashion” off the peg and wear things in a way that millions of others are, but along the way, you can lose your own sense of individuality and personality. This post is all about creating your own style and bringing your personality into the way you dress and style your outfits.

· Vogue Parody – 73 Questions About Me

I was tagged to take part in the 73 Questions – Vogue Parody tag by Ami of Undercover Superhero! I love questions and really enjoyed sharing a bit about me, and reading other’s answers to the questions too!

· A Look Around My Home – Kitchen

I have been living in my home for a little over a year now and have been sharing a “Look Around My Home” over the course of several months. I am so proud of what I have achieved and how well my home has been coming together. I loved taking the photos for this post and think that in years to come it will be nice to look back on!


I hit another milestone on the blog in July! I am still totally amazed that people want to follow and read my blog! So, thank you each and every one of you!

· Building My Flat Lay Kit

I had so much fun gathering bits and pieces for my Flat Lay kit and decided to write a post to show what sort of things I have added to my kit! I hope that this post will help to inspire others when it comes to blog photography!

In Case You Missed It


In Case You Missed It is a new series that I started last month.  This series gives you a chance to discover some of my favorite posts that I wrote in the previous month.  This month I am looking back at some of my favorite posts for June.

  • Wanna Know You Better  I was tagged by Riya of World of My Thoughts to take part in this getting to know you better question and answer series.  I had a load of fun answering the questions and letting you guys know a bit more about me.  I am really interested in taking part in more of these question and answer posts!
  • Diary, Planner and Journal Review  I really enjoy seeing how my planning style evolves, what works, what doesn’t and all the bits in between!  I am sure I always say that I have found what works for me and by the next post about my planners and planning style I have gone and changed it again!
  • The Bloggers Bash Review  What can I say?  It was a fabulous day of learning, listening, and networking and in this post, I tell you all about my favorite parts of the day!
  • Garden Update  I never really thought I was a “gardening” sort of person but it turns out that gardening is something I really enjoy.  I had been talking A LOT about gardening in other posts so thought it would be nice to share with you what I have done and my plans for the future!  It will be interesting to look back on this post in years to come and see how much my garden has changed!
  • House Plants  I really believe that the addition of house plants to any area can really change the atmosphere of that space, they add a calming influence, not to mention that they can be beneficial to our health.  I loved sharing my plants in this post.
  • 1 Year In My Home!!!!  I think that this is definitely a milestone worth not just recording but for celebrating too!  I’ve never really lived on my own before and having been in my home for a year is worth blogging about!

In Case You Missed…

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I’m adding a new section to my blog called “In case you missed…” where I will be sharing some of my blog posts from the past month that you may have missed, that I have had fun writing or are of an interesting topic!  Here are my picks for “In case you missed”!

  • What Is A Blogger?  I wrote this as I was forever being asked what a blogger is and what they do and this post sums it all up pretty well I think!
  • Blog Maintainance – Routine Checks  Blogging is not always about taking photos and writing posts for the web, there are other things that need to be done in order to have a functioning blog ad this post sheds some light on what I do when I say I’m “working on my blog”.
  • A Day In My Life  I have a pretty varied different set of lives depending on the day – Monday to Friday I work full time but my weekends are geared towards me and things I want/need to do.  This post is how I spend a typical weekend day.
  • Product Empties  I’m trying to cut down on the number of products that I own and have placed myself on a no spend on products ban until I have used up all that I own.  I thought it would be fun to a post about the empties I have and review them.
  • Blog Bullet Journal  I am really pleased with my new best friend for blogging and thought I would share with you my bullet journal and layout for May.
  • 300 Followers  I hit another milestone on my blog so am hosting a little link share party over on this post!  Come join in!!!