Book Review – Frozen Grave – Lee Weeks

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I picked up this Lee Weeks book from the book swap shelf in work a few weeks ago.  I was drawn to the book by the blurb on the back which said

Someone has a list of victims. And they’re crossing the names out one by one.

The first body is found in a dilapidated warehouse in London’s East End. Then another woman burns to death in her own home. She was alone but all signs point to murder. Two seemingly separate victims, but Detective Inspector Dan Carter and Detective Constable Ebony Willis are convinced they were killed by the same person.

And when a third body is found, the detectives start to suspect a serial killer is on the loose. But what connects the victims? And who will the killer go after next?

I love a good suspense, murder mystery book and this sounded right up my street.  This is the 3rd book in the DC Ebony Willis series, and though I have not read any of the other books in this series I didn’t feel that I had missed anything, it was a good, stand-alone book in its own right.

The book starts off fairly fast-paced and leaves you wanting to read more, I felt that if I was to have read this at home I could have easily read it in one go but, as I read it in my lunch break in work I had to make do with short bursts!

The book follows DC Ebony Willis and her colleagues as they try to track down the killer of women whose lives are entwined with a man, JJ Ellerman, who gives off the impression of being a successful, rich businessman, though reality is that he is struggling to make ends meet while juggling several relationships, a wife and other big life problems.

I really enjoyed reading this book, although I was left at times feeling pretty confused as to who was who.  The use of first names and then switching to surnames during the police dialogues was really hard to follow and I needed to re-read some parts of conversations to make sense of who was saying what.

I did think that the ending was a bit rushed and could have been stretched out a bit more but overall the storyline was well thought out and well-paced.

I’d really like to read some more of Lee Weeks DC Ebony Willis series just to get a better feel of all the characters.

Have you read anything by Lee Weeks?  What did you think?