Top 10 Ways to Wind Down in the Evenings

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Winding down in the evening is essential for our brains to disassociate from the day and prepare our mind and body for a good night’s rest in order to prepare ourselves for the following day and all that we have planned.  Today I am sharing my Top 10 ways to wind down in the evening.

  • Have a hot bath with lots of bubbles, not only are you mentally washing the day away but you are increasing your body temperature and soothing any aches and pains.
  • A warm drink, I love a cup of tea or hot chocolate which not only feels like a treat but has become part of my nightly routine and now acts as a trigger to mentally switch my brian into unwind mode.
  • A good book that you can get lost in, even if only for a few pages can help you to forget about all the troubles that have crossed your path in the day.
  • Watching a show on tv.
  • Mindfulness (I love the app Calm which has lots of really good meditation and mindfulness exercises)
  • Gentle stretching which helps to release any tensions built up in your muscles over the day
  • Journaling, whether it is good things that have happened in the day or something that has annoyed you, getting thoughts out of your mind and onto paper can help to stop you dwelling on them in the night
  • Preparing for the following day – getting your clothes, lunch and other things sorted can help avoid any morning stress
  • Calming music, I really love to listen to a cd of New Age Music called Stonehenge by Runestone
  • Aromatherapy oils, pillow spray or rollerball aromatherapy oils (such as these by Tisserand).  Scent plays such a big part in how we feel and lavender has been linked to making us feel calm and relaxed which is why it can be found in so many “relaxing” fragrances.  I find that applying the Sleep Better fragrance to my pulse points after a bath and before bed can really alter how I feel and help me to unwind and relax.
  • And, an extra to my Top 10, but only on a Friday or Saturday night 😉 , a small glass of wine and a bit of chocolate!

What are some of your favourite ways to unwind in the evenings?  I’d love to hear about any ways you unwind, so let me know in the comment!

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I have to hoover my home fairly frequently due to haveing a dog (Roxy!) but I have found that over time, although the suction on my machine remains strong, it starts to smell a bit.

I have a Dyson and take time to clean the container that collects the dust and dirt and use a brush to clean away debris from any visible parts but sometimes that isn’t enough to get rid of the smell.

Unfortunately, the way all vacuums are designed, air is sucked in along with any dirt, and air is blown out.  It is this air that is emitted that sometimes can smell a bit musty.

When I have performed a clean of the machine I like to add a few drops of essential oil*  (my favourites are lemon, lime or orange) to a cotton ball or tissue and place that into the container before replacing on the machine.  Another thing I like to do is to remove and clean the filters, thoroughly dry them and add a little bit of scent to the filter.  I try to steer clear of adding oils to the filter as they can capture dust and block up the filter really quickly, instead I like to spritz on some room spray or a body spray (my favourite scents for this is Charlie Sexy –  a vanilla orchid scent) which leave the room smelling lovely with a hint of scent rather than being too overpowering.

*If you have pets, please be careful when using any essential oil or any product that contains essential oils as some oils can be toxic or even fatal to pets.  Please do your research before using any essential oils.