Top 10 Uses For Coconut Oil

Top 10 Uses For Coconut Oil

I love a product that has multiple uses and I think that coconut oil tops the list of multi-purpose products that I love!  Today I am sharing my top 10 uses for coconut oil.

  • Add to your morning coffee.
  • Use as a toothpaste.  I like to mix a tiny bit of coconut oil with baking powder or activated charcoal and use to brush my teeth.
  • Oil pulling.  This is a great way to clean your mouth after brushing your teeth.
  • Face Cleanser. Just warm a little between your palms until it liquifies, rub in circular motions over the whole of your face then remove with a damp, warm cloth.
  • All over moisturiser.  I really like to use coconut oil where I have really dry skin, especially my legs after shaving.
  • Hair treatment mask.  Apply to dry hair, make sure the product is spread well over the hair, wrap hair in a warm towel and leave for up to an hour before washing and styling your hair as normal.
  • Pet treat.  I give Roxy coconut oil in her Kong toy as a replacement for peanut butter.
  • Cooking.  There are so many different recipes that you can substitute coconut oil for instead of other oils!  Have a look online!
  • Hair serum.  I like to use coconut oil as a hair serum to tame flyaway hair.  I warm a teeny bit in the palm of my hands and then lightly run my hands through my hair.
  • Cuticle Oil.  I have used loads of expensive cuticle oils in the past but have found that rubbing coconut oil into my cuticles every few days to be as effective as those products I used to buy.

Have you used coconut oil for anything?  Let me know in the comments!