Blogmas – Merry Monday


I know most people will have already got their Christmas decorating under way but I still find it useful to have a list of things to check and refer to as preparations are underway!

I usually make a list of the rooms that I want to decorate with all my festive things so that I can see which rooms will need the most preparation (like a full clean, hoover and dust) and then make a list of the items that I want in those rooms, for example – Living Room – Tree, Fairy lights, hanging decorations etc.  Once this is done then decorating can begin!

Things to check before putting decorations up

  • Check that all fairy lights work before installing anywhere
  • Check if decorations need batteries – if so what type?
  • Buy batteries for all decorations that need them (I usually opt for 3 x the amount needed in case they run out)
  • Check that you have the right equipment – eg, steps or a ladder if you want to reach the ceilings
  • Cotton thread is always useful for adding to baubles in order to hang them
  • Do you have the right sort of decoration hangers (eg window suckers or blue-tack)
  • Scissors are always really useful to keep nearby
  • Where are decorations going to be placed?  Keep in mind that they need to be placed safely, where they won’t fall over or cause a hazard to anyone.

What sort of things do you do in preparation for putting decorations up?