Bank Holiday Discombobulations

I am so glad we are nearing the end of the week!  Every year, the end of August Bank Holiday really confuses the heck out of me and even though I have only worked 4 days in my 9-5 job I feel like I have worked 2 weeks straight.

Tuesday morning I woke convinced it was Monday, and quite happily went off to work.  Then I realised that it was actually Tuesday, which was fine by me.  Then, just before lunch, I felt like it was a Friday as there were not many people in and that feeling didn’t leave me all day.

Wednesday I went to work and it felt like a Thursday which was really weird.  At some point, my internal calendar overcompensated for its mistake and I then thought it was Tuesday.

I don’t know why this always happens with this Bank Holiday and not any others through the year but it is really tiring having to try and remember what day it is.

Roll on the weekend is all I can think!  I need to catch up on this week that feels like I have lived it twice!

Do Bank Holidays throw your internal calendar into disarray and discombobulate you too?  Id love to hear in the comments!