An Alternative…Advent Calendar

I don’t generally buy advent calendars as, although I love the idea of them I always find the ones on offer either expensive for what you get or disappointing.  I really wanted to get one for Sam as part of his Christmas gifts but decided to make one rather than buy anything.

I decided on creating a memories advent calendar, basically a note for each day of December contained in a numbered envelope that the recipient can open on each day of advent.

I bought cards from Tiger that came in a cute box, listed some memories that I wanted to share and started to write the cards.  I labelled the envelopes from 1 to 24 then shuffled the cards and inserted them into the envelopes.  I then used the box to put the cards back into so I could give them to Sam.


It was really nice to spend a day reminiscing about favorite memories and writing them down, the only problem I experienced was which memories to choose!!!!

I think this would be a perfect gift for anyone that means something to you whether it be a friend, family member, brother, sister or child.

Have you made an alternative advent calendar for someone?  What did you make?