A New Year and a New Laptop

It’s hard to believe that I last blogged over 3 months ago, I honestly thought it was way longer ago than that. Half the reason I have been M.I.A is down to my laptop dying a death, I thought that I could fix it…I ran updates and cleared a few things, then left it for a bit as nothing seemed to have helped it, it was still running slow and lagging really badly… I think that is the worst thing with any technology, leaving it alone, and when I say I left it for a bit, we are not talking a few days, no, I’m talking MONTHS. Anyway, I went to turn it on the other day, it fired up did a few things then shut down, I turned it back on, the lights came on but the screen stayed black. It seems that there is no power going to the screen at all. Luckily enough I have had a laptop supplied by my office for working from home though this is for work purposes only, and that has been sufficient for my needs as I’ve not really been in the right frame of mind to do any blogging or anything else until the past week or so. So, I did something I’ve not done for nearly 12 years, and I have splashed my cash on a new laptop. My last laptop was a Dell that I bought when I was in uni and I loved it, I never had any real problems with it and I’m surprised it lasted as long as it has, but I’ve totally upgraded now. And why have I decided to get, you may be asking… well, I decided on an Apple MacBook Air in Gold. And that is what I am using now to update you all! Anyway, enough rambling about laptops…

Since my last post in October, I can’t really say I have been doing much, I’ve been working from home 3 days a week which I really like, I wish I could work from home full time, I find it much easier to get my work done at home where it is quiet compared to in the office, though I am missing seeing people and knowing what is going on with my colleagues.

Christmas seems like forever ago now, but that was really nice. I worked up to and including Christmas Eve but had 10 days off between Christmas Day and the New Year. I spent Christmas day with my boyfriend and was thoroughly spoiled, I had some lovely gifts and even got the Nintendo Switch I have been wanting for ages! The day was lovely, I didn’t have to do anything, Rob cooked dinner for us, I had salmon with roast veg, hollandaise sauce and gravy, Rob cooked himself chicken to go with the veg. For dessert we had tiramisu. Between Christmas and the New Year I would usually go and have a look around the shops seeing if there were any bargains to be had, but this year, because of COVID and the lockdown that our area was in we spent the time at home watching films, playing games, chatting, listening to music and (maybe) drinking a bit too much. The time off was well deserved for us both and it was really nice to have that time together doing nothing much!

Aside from working from home since Christmas I have been spending far too much time glued to my Nintendo Switch playing Animal Crossing, if anyone is looking for friends on there let me know!!!! I have gotten back into bullet journalling and will be sharing my set up with you in another post. I’m doing things a bit differently this year, past years I have spent a lot of time focusing on layout and making my journal pretty, and I blame Pinterest for this one – adding ALL the pages/trackers that I saw regardless of whether they were useful to me or not. This year I am focusing more on the content and recording the little details of my day or week, accomplishments and non-accomplishments and making it more interesting for me to look back on. Last year was a huge write off for me and most of my journal remained untouched once lockdown hit. I realised that even though we couldn’t go anywhere there were still a lot of things that I did which made a difference to my life, my home and I feel a bit sad that I hadn’t written them down, it would have made interesting reading in years to come.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for the moment, I am back though I am not sure what direction the blog will be taking or how frequently I will be writing. I an ideal world I’d love to be back writing every day and maybe that will happen, but for the moment I think once a week is a good aim.

I’d love to hear how you are all doing and what you have been up to, so please, leave me a comment and let me know!

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