Update 03/10 – 11/10 2020

I am still struggling with motivation regarding my blog and where I am going with it. I am signed up to get e-mails from Pete McPherson who runs the “Do You Even Blog” podcast and had one at the beginning of October talking about how his motivation was down because of all the changes that have taken place during this pandemic and, reading it, I realised that most of my lack of motivation is down to the Coronavirus. At this moment in time, where I live is back on a local lockdown and it seems that one day we are able to do thigs then the next we can’t and no one really knows what we are supposed to, or not supposed to be doing. Its really tiring and is all leaving me a bit lacklustre and drained.

Last Saturday was the boys Birthday, he turned 40. We had planned to have a big party, a room was booked for the party, a band was booked, food was planned and the guests invited but because of all the different restrictions across Wales and the rest of the UK it couldn’t go ahead. The boy went for a walk with a couple of friends and went target practicing, had a fire and came home a bit cold and wet as the weather wasn’t that good. We had a few drinks but nothing special, he liked his day but it wasn’t as special as it could have been.

I’ve been in work all week, we are running on a skeleton staff as most people are now working from home. It has been quiet in work but really busy as we are finalising payments. Work have slowly been rolling out laptops to all staff so we can work from home , its a slow process as all the software used varies from office to office depending on what our job role requires us to have access to, we need vpn access and network access along with a ton of other things. I received my laptop on Tuesday and had it up and working fully by Wednesday so was able to work from home on Friday. I was a bit apprehensive about how working from home would be, especially as my motivation has been so low lately but I really liked it. I had my wax melt burner going and was able to listen to podcasts without my headphones on, there were no interruptions and I could concentrate on what I had to do. It was a really nice day!

Over the weekend we have been sorting the house out, since the boy moved in we have had loads of stuff to sort out, tidy up and things that we needed to get rid of. We have a tip not far from our house and I finally was able to book a visit slot to get rid of some stuff. Our tip, as part of the COVID restrictions has put measures in place that mean each visit needs to be prebooked, your car registration given and a time slot chosen, only one person can go, any others need to remain in the car and if you miss your time slot then you need to re-book. The system is pretty good though I was doubtful about getting a weekend slot so I was surprised to get one this weekend. The boy filled his car up and took the stuff down and got rid of it then we spent time sorting out the downstairs of our house. It feels loads better now and it’s starting to look much better than before! I wish I had taken some before photos, I’ll share an after photo soon!

I’m not sure how this week is going to pa out and what the plans are, I’m not sure if I will be working from home at all this week yet. I am off on Friday though, I have a day’s annual leave booked as it is my Birthday. I plan to spend the day doing nothing, Lol! I might have a lie in and a lazy day with Roxy and potter about. I have a few art things to work on, I started Inktober though I am a bit behind, I may spend the day doodling for that. I have also been writing for The Everyday, an online magazine which is really worth checking out, there are so many good articles on there (especially ones by someone called Suzi Tench 😉 . I have an idea for another article that I want to write and may pitch the idea this week and make a start on writing the article on Friday if not before then.

Are any of you struggling with your motivation? How are you dealing with it? I’d love to hear your opinions on motivation and the Coronavirus in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Update 03/10 – 11/10 2020

  1. My motivation for my blog has slowly been going down for a while now. Since work started up again, I have even less motivation haha and tend to only post on Sundays for a thread post that I participate in.

    Motivation for life is low this weekend as well. Thanksgiving and had plans with the family but as I was driving out of town was informed a student tested positive for covid and now I am in 14 day isolation….

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  2. I have been working overtime all year. I have just about enough energy to blog as it is a sweet escape from the mental demands of work. I have a routine of walking and cleaning. I talk to my family on Sundays mostly on on the walk home after work. Jack is the only part of my life where I have a constant source of excitement. I am so glad I have him.

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  3. Hi Suzy,
    Good to meet up again and hope you had a lovely birthday.
    Alot of water has gone under the bridge since our last chats. I am now retired but can identify with most of your post content. Generally it has been a roller coaster of a time for me as I am sure it has for others.
    I live in Chorley, Lancashire which borders Greater Manchester so at times the areas have both been insync and at others not so and at times not clear when ‘crossing the border’ is allowed or not. I remember one week in particular my head felt all over the place when we moved into tier 2 and 3 in one week. That is my recollection anyway.
    My wordpress premium subscription etc etc was due for renewal and I was having technical problems which seemed to reflect achy hip problems which, thank God, with the help of a private physio are resolving.
    Usual annual health,3 yearly mammogram, eye and car checks which, apart from the health check I usually take in my stride seemed to take on more significance and use up more energy.
    Our visit to the tip is overdue but hopefully will visit soon.
    If you dont mind me asking Suzy what is ‘the boy’s’ name?, got abit confused.
    Take care 🙂


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