Blogging from A-Z – A-Z of Blogging – I


Todays Blogging from A-Z letter is I, which in my A-Z of Blogging stands for Ideas and Instagram.

Ideas.  Every blogger no matter what stage they are at in their blogging journey will have times when ideas flow really easily and other times where you think you will never have an idea for your blog again.  I like to keep a notebook to hand and jot down any ideas that I may have, no matter how small they are.  You can get ideas for your blog from so many different sources, I like to read news articles, books and other blogs but have got ideas from searching Google or Pinterest for different challenges and prompts too.

Instagram.  Instagram, the photo-sharing, storytelling social media site can be used in so many ways by bloggers and it is really up to you how you utilise it alongside your blog.  Some ways you can use Instagram are promoting your blog posts, giving your audience a glimpse into your life, doing challenges and adding them to your “story” such as the 30 Day Song Challenge,  running competitions and giveaways, interacting with your followers and seeing what they are interested in and communicating with them in a different way.  I love using Instagram to share bits of my life, outfits and things I am doing that may not get shared on the blog. (You can find me on Instagram here).

How do you generate ideas or use Instagram?  I’d love to know, or any other thoughts you have on my topics for “I” so let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Blogging from A-Z – A-Z of Blogging – I

  1. I have a note on my phone for blog ideas. I write an idea there and then never revisit it to actually write it 😂😂

    And I don’t use Instagram. My blog is just my little blog haha

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    1. I’ve got a list like that on my phone too! Lol! And a billion post it’s stuck in my diary and notes in books! Lol! It’s always good to have ideas written down even if you never look at them again, at least you know they are there! Xxxx

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  2. I use the principle of Wu Wei for ideas! They kind of just form in my head and I follow them through. If an article feels right, I publish it- if it doesn’t I keep it in draft until new information comes around to help me finish it. It’s refreshing and I never have to force myself to make content I don’t like!

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    1. That sounds like a good way of working! One of my biggest things I’ve learned from blogging is that if you force something it will never be your best and you will not learn anything from it xxxx

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