Motivation Monday – Stretch


Today’s Motivation is all about stretching.  We spend much of our lives sedentary, sat in front of computers, the tv, sat in transport, whether we are the driver or being driven and our bodies can become achy and stiff due to this.  Today I am motivating you to take time out of your day, maybe once an hour to stretch out those limbs and back.

I have felt the benefits of stretching, part of my physio for my shoulder injury was to stretch the muscles in my shoulder and arm in order to regain movement, but, not only can stretching help to repair damaged muscles and tendons it can also help to rid built-up tension and stress.

One of my favourite stretches is to sit on the floor with my legs out straight in front of me and bring my head down toward my knees before holding for a short while.  This stretch helps the tension that has built up through the day to dissipate and helps with any backache I may have.

Another easy stretch to do is to realign your posture, it is so easy for us to sit and slump or slouch and I find that checking my posture and bringing myself back into a “straight spine” posture can help too.  Just imagine that someone has got hold of the hair on the crown of your head and is pulling you upward.  I find that my breathing is better, I feel more awake and my concentration improves as well!

Do you have any favourite stretches that you like to do?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – Stretch

  1. In January I did that month of yoga and now I am trying to implement it in more. February I did like 3 days of it haha but now I am more focused and working on getting it in as much as possible after work. Since work for me is a lot of walking and squatting, I like to stand and then fold over and touch my toes. I have always loved that stretch and how it pulls up my the back of my legs.

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