Motivation Monday

Learn Something New!

There is always something that we are wondering how to do, a skill we would like to master, or something we wished we knew more about and today’s Motivation Monday is a call to you to use this week to learn something new.

Whether it is using a new cooking recipe, mastering the settings on your digital camera, learning a new craft or just brushing up on skills that you haven’t used in a while, there is nothing better for boosting self-esteem than getting to grips with something that we want to know.

There are lots of places that offer tutorials such as Pinterest, YouTube, WikiHow or Skillshare that offer really useful and enlightening step by step tutorials or you could get together with a friend that already has skills or knowledge that you would like to learn and have a skill swap day where you both can learn something from each other.

I recently hosted another Crafternoon with my friends, we all got together and another friend taught us all about buttercream icing and we got to decorate our own cakes with different piping attachments and I was amazed to learn that the nozzles we used, while all looking similar, produced vastly different effects.  We had a really fun day and raised some funds for Mind along the way!

What are you thinking about learning?  What sources are your favourite for tutorials?  I’d be really interested to hear all about them so let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. Oh! That craft day sounds like so much fun! I love butter icing, I used to make it all the time when the boys were young.
    I am enjoying using the colours and colouring book that came in my lovely journal box. 💜💜

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  2. I am loving learning about nails. It’s so relaxing for me and I watch videos on YouTube! This summer I will be working on learning acrylic nails. It’s very smelly so I will wait until it’s nicer out and I can sit outside to do it


  3. Crafternoons sound amazing! 💕 I always say that I like to learn new things but I’ve just realised that I haven’t really got anything on the burner at the moment 🤔😂 I am thinking of reviving my love for ukuleles and joining a group so I’m going to have to learn more than the 3 chords I can remember 🤞

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    1. The crafternoon s are are brilliant and always such good fun! The ukulele sounds amazing! I wish I was musically minded or that I could pick up a foreign language but no matter how hard I try I just can’t master either! I have a great admiration for anyone who is musical! Xxx

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  4. I just finished a class on Futurelearn in Forensic Psychology. Not sure if I am ready for another,yet, but, I enjoy free online classes.

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      1. It wasn’t very interesting. I learned a lot about false identification and facial recognition especially.


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