Blogmas – Wishing Wednesday


Today is the 4th day of Advent and also the fourth day of Blogmas!  Today is “Wishing Wednesday” where I share some thoughts and ideas about gifts.  Today’s Wishing Wednesday is all about that pesky, awkward gift – The Secret Santa gift.

Secret Santa happens a lot in workplaces across the land and is basically a concept where each person participating buys a gift of a certain value, wraps it and then on “Secret Santa Day” (which should, in my opinion, be an official day!) the presents are all gathered together and then distributed randomly to each participant.  There are other variations of Secret Santa where you can draw a name out of a hat, or all gifts are numbered and a raffle type draw takes place.

Buying a gift for Secret Santa can come with a lot of pressure, for one there is usually a fixed amount (in most places I have worked it is usually between £5 and £10) but other things, such as not knowing who you are buying for, buying a gender-neutral gift, getting something that isn’t offensive or that could upset someone and choosing a gift that is value for money can all make getting the perfect gift a daunting task, especially as your manager might be the recipient!

Here are a few suggestions

  • Stationery is always welcomed, especially a nice pen and diary.
  • Hats and gloves
  • Car accessories – I once got gifted a heated ice scraper which was so useful
  • Giftcards
  • Wine or other drinks
  • Household items such as candles, ornaments or picture frames
  • Desk toys
  • Games
  • Family-friendly DVD
  • Cinema pass
  • Cooking related items (I’ve seen some really nice spices sets, tea and coffee caddies, hot chocolate and mug sets…)

Do you take part in Secret Santa’s?  what sort of things have you given or received?  I’d love to know about your best and worst Secret Santa gifts so let me know in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Blogmas – Wishing Wednesday

  1. We are doing a gift card exchange at my school – everyone buys a $25 gift card and that’s our secret Santa lol I’m not going to the party but I still bought a gift card cos I wasn’t sure if it was just for the people going to the party or for everyone to do. The email was a little unclear and I’d rather get one in when I didn’t have to instead of the other way around! Lol

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    1. Gift card exchange sounds like a good idea! I used to get book tokens from my auntie for Christmas and my brother and I would spend hours in the books shop after Christmas choosing the perfect book! Xxx

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      1. Some nail forms (stickers to go under your nail and around your finger to build out fake nails), practice fingers (set of 5), acrylic brush, acrylic starter kit (liquid/brush/3 powder colours, glass bowl for liquid)

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  2. I love Secret Santa and an participating in 3. For my church one, I purchased a Beetlejuice Mug & Spoon Set. If it’s one of the stealing games, I hope it’s fought over. For the big Reddit exchange, I went off the likes of the person I had and sent some television show memorabilia. And for the final one, a friend is having, I sent a cute Christmas apron set after discovering the recipient likes to cook.

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