Weekly Roundup – 24/11/19 – 30/11/19

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  • Reading

I haven’t done any reading this week aside from catching up on blog posts and reading a few news articles online.  I really wanted to be able to finish the book The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes but I haven’t seemed to be able to make time to sit and read as I have had loads of other things to do (which I’ll tell you about later!).

  • Watching

I have been watching (in the background while I have been doing other things) Unbelievable, a new show on Netflix which is about a girl who has been raped, reports it to the police but then retracts her statement as no one seems to believe her.  Along the way another police department deals with a similar case and it seems like the girl was telling the truth all along.  It is a really interesting show and I can see how so many women, either having been raped or abused, would retract their statements or not go to the police in the first instance because of fears of not being believed.

  • Listening to

I’ve downloaded a new app which is linked to the library, called BorrowBox and have been listening to audiobooks through that.  So far I have listened to Sleeping Arrangements by Sophie Kinsella and have a few other books that I can’t wait to start listening to on Monday!

  • Eating

My local Co-Op shop sells the loveliest cheese topped rolls which I have been able to get for 25p when they knock down the prices in the evening.  I have been enjoying these with fish fingers, spinach and a slice of cheese.  I have also just been putting spread and spinach in them with a tiny bit of balsamic dressing and eating them that way!

  • Drinking

This week I have been drinking a lot of blackcurrant and apple squash, both hot and cold and occasionally with fizzy water.  It has been lovely to snuggle down of an evening and enjoy a hot mug of squash before bed.

  • Doing

On Friday I saw a job that would be perfect for me, working in a communications team, for the same company that I already work for but in a different office.  I spoke to the manager of the communications team and asked about how it would work if I went for the position, would I need to do it as a redeployment, secondment or as a new employee, I had a few concerns about the position as there is funding available until the end of March, depending on funding, which could lead to me being unemployed after that period if funding couldn’t be secured, it was one of my biggest concerns around applying.  After speaking with him about these things he suggested that the best way forward would be to speak with my line manager and see what they suggest.  I spoke with my line manager after lunch and showed her the job I had been looking at, she knows what my interests and qualifications are and agreed that it sounded like the perfect job for me and my skill set and, along with the overall manager, it was decided that I should apply, and should I be successful (via application and interview) that I could be released from my current position and take up the new position as a secondment so that, come March, should there be no further funding, I had a job to return to.  Friday night, after work was spent applying for the position and getting the application submitted!

Much of the rest of the week (Monday – Thursday) had been spent doing housework, tidying and cleaning, for my Mind Crafternoon which I held yesterday!  I had to go out on Saturday in the day to pick up a few bits and pieces for it and totally forgot about the Black Friday sales event.  I managed to park pretty quickly so assumed that town was not overly busy but I was wrong, everywhere was packed and it was a bit stressful but I got everything I needed and got home around 2 hours later.

My Crafternoon event went really well, there were 4 of us in total and we had a fab time!  I will be writing a blog post about it soon, sharing photos and what we made!

I was asked by Mind if I would like to write a blog post for them so spent some time in the week writing that and getting it all signed off for them!  It went live on the Mind website yesterday which I am really proud of!  If you want to read my post for them CLICK HERE!

I am still collecting funds for Mind, and have a JustGiving page set up so if you would like to donate to this brilliant cause and help me to hit my target please head over to JustGiving by clicking here!

  • Feeling

I have had a really brilliant week and have been feeling super excited for the future and for what is to come!  I had a bit of anxiety and stress when out in town yesterday and about how my Crafternoon event would go, and I also got stressed when filling out my application form for the position in work.  I think that I was so stressed and anxious as I really wanted everything to turn out well for my Crafternoon and I really, really want this job that I have applied for!  In the end, the Crafternoon went really well and we all had lots of fun.  On the application front, I am a bit excited and hope that I do get the job but I will have to wait and see!

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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