Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Blogmas!


I honestly can not believe it is the 1st of December today and have no idea of where the past few months have gone!  Working in payments means that I am processing work from the previous month (November) for payment in January so I never feel like I live in the current month so I’m sure that has something to do with it!

Blogmas is a tradition undertaken by many bloggers where we challenge ourselves to write a Christmas themed post each day on the run-up to the big day, and even in the days past Christmas, right up until New Year’s Eve, and I am going to attempt to do Blogmas right here on this blog!

I have a few different blog posts ready to share and they fall into different categories, heres the categories for you!

  • Merry Monday
  • Tinsel Tuesday
  • Wishing Wednesday
  • Top 10 Thursday
  • Festive Friday
  • Surprise Saturday
  • Sparkle Sunday

To see what sort of things I will be sharing pop back each day and have a look!

Are you taking part in Blogmas?  If so, leave your link in the comments as I am planning to share a post with all my readers about the Blogmas participants!

9 thoughts on “Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Blogmas!

  1. Hi Suzi what a lovely idea. I suppose I am doing a blogmas of my own I am doing my version of an Advent calendar. I am revamping my 2011 version of the story of Christmas. Mary and Jo. I started today. 💜💜💜

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    1. Thank you!!!! I’m looking forward to reading your story!!!! Ps, your parcel is in the post!!! I mailed it on saturday, sorry it is a bit late, been meaning to finish early one day last week to get it posted but wasn’t able to! xxx


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