Weekly Roundup 09/11/19 – 16/11/19

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  • Reading

I’ve continued reading “The One Plus One” by Jojo Moyes, which I started a few weeks ago, it has been really nice to come home from work, make a coffee and sit and read for an hour each evening.  I’m trying to find new ways to wind down after work and this has been perfect so far.

  • Watching

I have been watching “The Great Interior Design Challenge” on Netflix where designers go head to head in design challenges, each week there is a winner who then goes through to the next round.  It has been really interesting to watch and see what the designers come up with based on a brief.

  • Listening to

This week I have been listening to lots of different podcasts while at work.  I have been enjoying the “Do You Even Blog?” podcast as well as “Casefile” and “Crime Junkie“.  I really like listening to true crime shows, it is bizarre how many crimes have been committed and how much people have gotten away with before being caught.

  • Eating

Pasta has been my go-to meal this week.  I have been eating it with lots of different additions, from veg to cheese sauce, and it has been perfect to take to work for lunch the following day too.

  • Drinking

I’ve been drinking a lot of squash again this week and have found the perfect apple squash which has been tasty hot and cold.

  • Doing

I had physio on Tuesday morning, my physio and I chatted about different options that were available to me as well as the pros and cons of each treatment.  one of the options was to continue with the exercises and physio sessions or have a steroid injection into my shoulder and continue with physio and exercises and the third option was a guided steroid injection using ultrasound scanning as the injection was made and then continuing with the physio.  I have opted for the steroid injection and more physio as there is only a 4-week wait for an appointment compared with up to 6 months wait for the guided injection.  On Wednesday I travelled to Cardiff to the HPMA Awards where I was asked to be the photographer for the day.  I had so much fun there, the day was really interesting and there were talks given by some really interesting people.  The conference was all about Respect and Resolution in the Workplace and fitted in really well with the anti-bullying week.  Other things that I have been doing are editing photos and getting the images I took ready to be sent off!  I have also been spending some time setting up my Facebook pages in a better way (I had to delete the one I had and then re-set it up as I was having a few teething problems…)  You can find me on Facebook here (my blog page) or here (my personal page).

  • Feeling

I’ve been feeling quite good this week, I don’t know if it is because I have been sleeping a bit better or if the Vitamin D tablets I am now taking have started to work properly or if it was because I was doing something I enjoy this week (photography).  I am feeling a lot more positive, upbeat and motivated to get things done.  I always find it really funny how such small things can change my whole outlook on life.

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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