Saturday Shout Out – Crushed Caramel

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Today’s Saturday Shout Out goes to Mel of the blog Crushed Caramel!

I sent Mel a few questions about her blog which she has answered with so much information that I am going to share the full questions and answers with you all!

1)What is your blog name?


Caramel is me!  Melody Finch (writing name, not real name – my blog is anonymous).

2) How long have you been running this blog?

I think we published a few posts all on the same day in April 2017.  But it was at the start of May 2017, when I started to give a little attention to blogging every day.  I realized that seemed the way to do it.

3) What is your blog about?

Well…it is generally a light-hearted, almost entertaining, accounts from my personal life.  Some stories are from the past, others the present.  I think perhaps 75% of my content has a personal touch to it.  It is deliberately light-hearted and easy-going on the whole because I wanted to write about a few challenges I had (thus the name CRUSHED Caramel), but I didn’t want people to dread seeing my posts because they thought I was just moaning and groaning all the time.  This year, I have tried a bit harder with attempting poetry (my weak point I am afraid) and fiction.  There are some short stories on my site and I have almost completed my first long fictional project.  I am tempted to have it published – you like a book – but I have no idea how to do that, so I might be asking fellow bloggers for advice.  We will see!  Oh and also…I co-hosted THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF with two fantastic bloggers in March 2019, and we are all keen to do it again in 2020. It was so much fun!!!

4) What are your favourite blog posts you have written?

Well, right at the very top is a poem I wrote 20 years ago.  It means a lot to me and it is by far the most “liked” post on my site.  I am glad about that because it is very special to me:


These are some of my personal favourites amongst my other posts:

5) What is a fun fact about you/your blog?

I am a karaoke queen!  Come out for a night with me and you will see a side of me that it is hard to capture through blogging!  What is fun about my blog?  It just is fun!!!  It is full of life, music; colour – it’s a carnival!  The best thing about it is the other bloggers who pop a comment at the end of a post.  I have had some really “fun” chats with other bloggers, who I love interacting with.  I think most would agree, that is why we love blogging – we do have great fun with other bloggers.

6) Where else can we find you on the internet?

You can not find me anywhere else!  I don’t do any other social media.  WordPress blogging does not feel like the others.  I think in general most of the WordPress bloggers seem more responsible about the way they use their blogs.  Many put a lot of effort in to creating beautiful posts, with great fiction or informative articles on subjects they are passionate about.  You don’t see too many being belligerent and lashing out at others.  It happens occasionally, I know, but on the whole, there is a supportive friendly community spirit.  It’s an international, multi-cultural scene and it’s something I would hope remains positive and friendly.

As you can see from Mel’s answers, her blog is full of fun, positivity and some brilliant blog posts to boot!  please pop over to say Hi to Mel and also read some of her fab posts!

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