Blogtober 5th


Its the 5th of October which means it is the fifth day of Blogtober!  Today I am answering my questions based on 4th October.

  • What made me feel enthusiastic today?

Realising it was Friday and that it was dress down day in work made me feel enthusiastic!  Friday in work means we can wear jeans and T-shirts, hoodies and trainers or whatever we want.  I love Friday as I can chuck on whatever I want and not have to think too much about what I should be wearing!  (In case you are interested, I wore a pair of acid wash skinny jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and a tea-coloured knitted hoodie which had bright yellow edging, DC trainers and my camo army jacket.)

  • What drained me of energy?

There were two things that drained me of energy today,

  1. Not getting up when my alarm went off and deciding to have “another 10 minutes” in bed.
  2. Lack of structure in work.  As it is the end of payment we have got little bits of work to do but nothing major.  I like to know what I am doing day to day, and when we are processing payment I know exactly what I need to do but days like today don’t really have the structure that I like as there are lots of little things to do rather than anything time-consuming.
  • What did I learn about myself today?

I learned that routine and structure help me loads in my day to day activities.  I like to have a plan and know what I need to do otherwise I get a bit lost along the way.

5 thoughts on “Blogtober 5th

  1. Oh you have dress down day too! Awesome! 😀 Once I get my school t-shirt, I can wear jeans every Friday with it. I’m so excited lol

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