My Best and Worst Habits as a Blogger

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As humans, we inherently have good and bad habits so it makes sense that as bloggers, we also have good and bad traits.  Today I am sharing my best and worst habits as a blogger.

The Good

  • Organisation and scheduling.  There is nothing that I love more than spending time creating my blog schedule and working out which posts should be written and go live on which days.  I think I have created a schedule which works really well for me and fits in with the rest of my life and the things I want to achieve.
  • Trying new things.  I really like to push myself with trying new things on the blog, it helps to keep things fun and fresh both for myself and my readers too!
  • Enthusiasm.  I am super enthusiastic about all aspects of blogging, I eat, sleep, breathe and talk blogging most of the time! Lol!
  • Supporting other bloggers.  I love to support other bloggers and help out where I can.  I like to share other blogs via my Saturday Shout Out and am currently working on a few plans to help other bloggers too!
  • Blog post ideas.  I have a fab niche which allows me to write about many different topics which means I have tons of ideas of things to write about.  One year in and I still have not run out of ideas yet!

The Bad

  • Drinking too much coffee.  So. Much. Coffee…Seriously, who would have thought that writing a blog post or doing another bit that is blog related would be fueled by so many cups of coffee?!
  • Procrastination.  I am the Procrastination Princess, though I am not entirely sure that it is procrastination that I really have or that I can be really easily distracted at times?
  • Time management.  This is something that is both good and bad, good that I have everything planned to the minute but bad that sometimes when things go wrong and end up taking longer I can get pretty frustrated.  It can also mean that I end up working on something for a lot longer than I should!
  • Doing all the things (or wanting to).  I can get pretty overwhelmed with things, partly due to my Aspergers, but there is part of me that always wants to try to get everything done or try out new ideas there and then which isn’t the best thing to do at times!
  • Overthinking.  Sometimes, I can find it really hard to motivate myself to write something, especially if I have been thinking about it for a long time.  I sort of feel like I have written it already (albeit in my head) and really need to motivate myself to get it typed out.  I had this problem in Uni when I was supposed to be writing my dissertation.

I’d love to hear about your best and worst habits as a blogger, so leave me a comment and let me know!

5 thoughts on “My Best and Worst Habits as a Blogger

  1. Comments. For me, if I am feeling depressed or just down, I am AWFUL at looking at or responding to comments. Sometimes it will take days for me to reply. I just don’t want to communicate, or socialize – so I will read other blogs but go nowhere near my own.


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