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With the start of a new school year looming most parent’s thoughts are on preparing their child for school, new school uniforms will have been purchased along with a bag and stationery, questions will have been answered about the classes they will attend and the things they are set to learn.  A lot of thought will probably have been given to continued learning at home whether it be in the form of homework or activities.  A child’s education is so important for their growth and development for the future.  But there is one lesson that is not taught in a set syllabus and it is an essential skill to learn and one that could change the world.

The lesson is about kindness.  If you can teach your child to be kind in thought, in action and in word, from our own actions then the world could become a better place.  So often I see comments left on twitter, blogs and other internet sources, I hear words spoken that are hurtful and not thought about and I see actions that exclude others in one way or another and I have realised that these things, if thought about, would not have happened if we were kind to each other.

I was really not a big fan of school, most of the time I struggled to fit in which left me open to bullying.  If we were all taught to be kind, compassionate and notice others, instead of focusing on ourselves, our own wants and needs then I think my schooling could have been very different.

If we can teach our children to reach out to the lonely, the kids who are awkward, the ones that are left alone in the playground, the ones that others shun, and they can include them in what they do, it is a start.

Imagine this small act, going forward, into the future, how different our world could be?  How could you see the world changing just by teaching kindness?

So this year, and going forward, we should be teaching kindness and acting in a kind way to everyone we meet along our way, maybe we can change the world?

8 thoughts on “Words On Wednesday

  1. Hi Suzi, I agree the world could do with a lot more kindness. I am not sure if it can be taught as such but it should be nurtured and kindled.
    I am sorry you were bullied at school. I can empathize with that as I was too.💜💜


  2. We try to encourage this so much at school, but when it is the time to instill it, at foundation stage, the govt wants us to concentrate on letters and numbers…
    If we, as, teachers were given the choice, we’d concentrate on social skills and compassion, developing empathy and kindness at a young age, so it only needs to be reinforced as they grow.
    Of course, nothing stops a parent from teaching these things from the beginning…
    Sorry, teacher POV 😁


  3. So true! There is a book that is really popular here “Can you fill my bucket?” which teaches students to do kind things to and for each other, thus, filling an imaginary bucket that each person has lol. I just thought of it yesterday and I will probably be reading it the second day of school during my English block 🙂


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