Top 10 Phone Lock Screen and Background Wallpapers

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I love to change my phone lock screen image and background wallpaper on my phone.  By changing these images it can give my phone a new feel and I really enjoy picking out images that are similar to customise my screens with.  I tend to choose visually similar images which echo the elements of the other image, whether it be a shape, colour, style or character.

In today’s Top 10 I am sharing my favourite pairs of images that I have either found on Pinterest or created myself.

The first column is the images I have used for my lock screen and the second column are the background wallpaper images.

What have you got set as your lock screen and background wallpaper at the moment?  Let me know in the comments!




15 thoughts on “Top 10 Phone Lock Screen and Background Wallpapers

  1. YYYYAAAASSSSSS for Moomin!!!

    My lock screen is a picture of my two youngest kidlets. We were in a car together and the guy I was talking to set me a picture of him and his son and daughter in their car so I took a picture of myself and 3rd and 4th (boy and girl respectively) so I just cut myself out of it to make it fit on my lock screen so I could see their cute faces every day.

    The wallpaper inside is a picture of me and 2nd. It’s one of the few selfies we have together, but we look like we’re related in it and I love it. So I have her on the inside.

    1st didn’t really interact with me so I have no pictures with her so she’s not on the phone haha.

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