Monthly Goals – August

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I decided at the beginning of the year that I would not make any Resolutions or yearly goals but, rather, make monthly ones that were more easily obtainable, you can find all my Monthly Goal posts here.

Today I am looking at the goals I set myself last month and whether I achieved them and setting myself goals for July.

Here are last month’s goals and whether I managed them!

Blog and Social Media

  • Re-design all my header graphics and social media graphics.  I have made a start on this, my header and logo have been re-designed and I am in the process of figuring out what sort of look I want for some of my regular blog feature images.
  • Work on Blog Awards.  I am pretty much up to date with my blog awards, I do have one more that I will be posting this month!
  • Find more bloggers to take part in my Saturday Shout Out slot!  I’ve been working on this but it will, I think, forever be an ongoing process.  If you or anyone you know are interested then check out what the Saturday Shout Out is all about by clicking here.


  • Clean the house and prepare for my Mind Crafternoon.  I ended up not holding the Mind Crafternoon this time round, with the weather being so lovely and the kid’s school holidays coming up, a lot of people were not able to attend.  I will be attempting another Crafternoon in December though!  That said, I did a full clean of the house, including moving furniture around the weekend before my parents and brothers came for food so I’m calling this a win!
  • Take some recycling to the tip.  I did manage this!  I hadn’t realised how much stuff there was to take and my poor little car was pretty much filled to bursting!  Thankfully the tip is only a short drive away!
  • Mow the lawn.  I’d love to be able to tell you all that I actually did this, and it has been done but, it was by my ex.  He came down and mowed it and I cleared up all the grass cuttings!

Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, and Interests

  • Get all the craft things together that I will need for my Mind Crafternoon
  • Get the invites for my Mind Crafternoon sent out.  I’m putting both of these together… neither of these got done for the same reason that I gave above about not holding my Crafternoon.
  • Dig my other flower bed and get my rose bush planted.  I got the rose bush planted!  I also planted out some geraniums that my lovely neighbour gave me too!


  • Read 2 books this month.  I finished reading Frozen Grave by Lee Weeks earlier this month and am now over halfway through reading The Girls by Lisa Jewell!
  • Drink more water.  I have been more aware of when I need to drink water and have been making a conscious effort to consume more water day to day, especially on the weekends when my water intake seems to be less than when I am in work.
  • Be more mindful of what I’m eating and try to make better food choices.  I have stripped back what I eat day to day and have decreased the amount of processed, sugary foods I was eating and have started to eat more seeds, dried fruits, more veg and fresh fruit as well as cooking a lot more of my own meals rather than rely on pre-packaged shop-bought foods.  I have been eating vegan for the last week and a bit which has really helped with eating more healthy and being more mindful of what I consume.
  • Try to get to bed early at least 2 nights each week.  This has mostly been successful and a few weeks I have managed more than 2 early nights!  I just need to keep this up now and not slip back into old habits.

Goals for August

Blog and Social Media

  • I’ve been reading a lot about e-mail subscriptions and want to research whether this is something I should offer on my blog.
  • Learn how to use Later.  I like the idea of being able to schedule social media posts and think it may be a good thing to start using, my posts on the blog are scheduled each day for 8:00am and currently, once they have gone live I then share to social media manually.  Scheduling social media posts would save me a lot of time in the mornings and help me with my blogging routine while taking away some of the worries of possibly forgetting anything that I wanted to say.


  • Finish painting the kitchen!  I think that this month will be the month to finally get this crossed off my list!
  • Paint the coving in my bedroom gold.
  • Get the rug in my living room shampooed and cleaned.

Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, and Interests

  • Now that I have a Flat Lay kit put together I want to start taking more photos for my blog and social media.
  • I’ve not made any progress on my book for the past month so I’d like to work on that some more this month.
  • Work on my bullet journal and think about what I want in my journal for next year.


  • Have my parents over for dinner, maybe a barbecue one weekend.
  • I have some ideas for a new business venture, so I need to work out the logistics and research my ideas, set everything up and, hopefully, I shall be in a position to launch it later this month!

All in all, I think this was a pretty productive month and I managed to get most of my goals completed!

What have you completed in July?  I’d love to her in the comments!

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