Vogue Parody – 73 Questions About Me


I was tagged to take part in this question series by Ami of Undercover Superhero, and while I have never heard of the Vogue Parody before, a quick Google came up with so many interesting people taking part!  I love things like this as I feel it gives you guys a better idea of who I am as a person, and I love learning things about others too, so, even though, at the end I am asked to tag 12 people to take part, if you fancy doing so, please join in and ping back to me on this post!  I’d love to read your answers!

1)What is your usual Starbucks order?  Caramel Macchiato or Caramel Frappe with a double shot of espresso.

2) What does your work station look like right now?  A mess, but an organized mess!

3) All-time favorite food?  Anything Italian!

4) Favorite Author?  I don’t really have one, I tend to love the author of the book I am reading…currently that would be Lee Weeks.

5)What do you think of open relationships?  It’s not for me, but if people are happy then that’s really all that matters.

6) What is your favorite video game?  Either Abe’s Oddysee or Hogs Of War on the first Sony PlayStation (Retro Gamer here!).

7) Guilty Pleasure treat?  Ice cream.

8) Favorite Movie?  I don’t really have one though I really enjoyed Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame recently!

9) Favorite book?  Creepers by David Morrell (I’ve read it 5 times so far!)

10) Twitter or Instagram?  Instagram 🙂

11) Desktop or laptop?  Laptop!

12) Best advice you’ve ever received?  It is better to make mistakes and learn from them than to never make mistakes at all.

13) What project are you working on right now?  I’m working on setting up my blog journal for next year, my blog schedule going forwards and blog ideas that I have!

14) Favorite color?  Rainbow!  Lol!  It’s honestly easier for me to list the colors I don’t like so much rather than my favorite ones!

15) Did you get good grades at school?  Yeah, surprisingly!  I was predicted to have pretty low grades but came away with 2 A’s (Art and Design Technology), 3 B’s (English Language, and Science x 2) and 4 C’s (English Literature, Maths, R.E, and Geography) for GCSEs.  I then did A Levels and had a D in Art (there was a problem with my drawing exam going missing) and English Language which I had a D in as well.

16) Dream job?  Something to do with blogs, writing, and social media.

17) Played any sports?  In school I was in the cricket team, basketball, netball, cross country running but have not played any sports since.  I have done the Park Run (5Km) several times and used to go running after work until a problem with my knee put a stop to that.

18) Do you have a degree?  I do!  I have a degree in Photographic Art (BA, Hons).

19) Nationality?  British.

20) What is your favorite kind of blog post to do?  Any of the ones I write for my blog!

21) What do you like to collect?  Sea glass, shells, broken pottery from my garden!

22) Describe yourself in three words?  Creative, colorful, kind.

23) If you were a rapper what would your rapper name be? Er, Suzi-T…

24) Who was the last person you DM’d?  I don’t do DM’s as a rule but the last person I messaged was my ex.

25) What is on the top of your wish list right now?  A fisherman’s smock and Dr Marten sandals.

26) Sorting house?  Hufflepuff

27) How many tattoos do you have? 9

28) What are you most grateful for this year?  Friends and family and Roxy.

29) What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month?  Going to London to see my brother, sister in law and my niece and nephew!

30) What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?  I woke up to the sun shining and feeling totally better after my sickness bug!

31) What’s the best thing ever?  Snuggling up on the sofa after a hard day and watching a good film or reading a good book.

32) Favorite season?  Autumn!

34) What fictional character do you relate to the most?  I don’t really know as I’ve never really thought about it much.

35) Do you like surprises?  Depends on the surprise…like I would hate a surprise party but other surprises are ok!

36) What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?  My Dad giving me his car.

37) What’s the surprise that made you cry?  Same as above!

38) What’s the best surprise you’ve ever given someone?  The bullet journal I made for my Mum at Christmas.

39) Do you like muffins?  Yep!  Except for blueberry muffins…they seem to make my mouth go numb.

40) Do you cook often?  I try to!

41) What’s your favorite dessert?  Anything with caramel and ice cream!

42) Is there a dessert you don’t like?  No!

43) Cake or pie?  Pie, especially apple pie, yum!

44) What’s your least favorite food?  Anything that is too spicy or hot!  I love spicy, hot food but sometimes it can be over spicy and too hot for me.

45) What’s your favorite condiment?  Ketchup!

46) It’s 4am on a Saturday night, what would you eat?  Chips or something like a snack.

47) If you could teach a college class what would it be called?   The Progression of Social Media Through the Years.

48) Best animated film?  The Despicable Me series of films.

49) What has a guy (or girl) done or said to impress you?  Little things impress me more than big gestures, so things like showing up unexpectedly when I’ve not been feeling particularly good, sending me sweet texts or music to cheer me up and just being there for me.

50) The best thing to do on a date?  Going someplace that I’ve not been to before, or for ages, whether it is a park, museum or someplace else, and just going exploring together!

51) The worst thing to do on a date?  Going someplace that is overcrowded and noisy, or to watch sports…

52) What is the funniest pick-up line a guy/girl could use on a girl/guy?  We are not socks, but I think we would make a great pair…

53) Best comic book character?  Bananaman.

54) What are three things that are always in your purse?  Dust, receipts and some weird bit of metal that was stuck in a tyre many years ago…

55) Favorite drink?  Coffee or cherry rose tea.

56) If you could play a historical character who would it be?  Mary Read

57) Kittens or puppies?  I love both, but at heart, I am a dog person so puppies!

58) Favorite sushi roll?  Smoked salmon ones!

59) What kind of lipstick do you use?  I don’t tend to wear lipstick very often but, when I do, I reach for Rimmel Lasting Finish in Amethyst Shimmer.

60) What kind of foundation do you use?  GOSH Foundation Plus in 006 – Honey.  It’s a cream foundation that seems to work really well for my skin.

61) Blow dry or air dry?  It all depends on what I’m doing or where I’m going but 95% of the time I let it do its own thing and air dry.

62) Who is your fashion icon?  I don’t really have one.

63) Favorite Disney character?  Eeyore.

64) What are you doing tomorrow?  Going to work.

65) Movie you laughed the hardest through?  Bruce Almighty.

66) A movie that made you cry?  Message in a Bottle.

67) If you could sing a duet with someone who would it be?  Robert Smith from The Cure!

68) If your life were a song what would the title be?  Friday I’m In Love.

69) Favorite animal?  Dogs, sharks, tortoises.

70) Favorite illustrator?  I’m really loving the work of Keith Haring right now!  while he passed away in 1990, his work remains current and on topic.

71) The person you want to have coffee with?  My best friend.

72) What’s the country you wish to visit? Morocco.

73) Best ways to decompress?  Sit in the quiet and just be still.

Here are my 12 nominees.  I am really looking forward to reading your answers to these 73 questions!!!  Remember to create a pingback to this post!

  1. Rory of A Guy Called Bloke
  2. Aaron of Confusing Middle
  3. Simon of Beyond the Infinite
  4. Giggling Fattie of No Love for Fatties
  5. Barb of Bipolar Barb
  6. Tatterhood
  7. Trina of Its Good to be Crazy Sometimes
  8. Riya of World of my Thoughts
  9.  My Quirky Friend
  10.  Authoress51 of Final Chapter
  11.  Karen of Karen’s World
  12.  Libre Paley

24 thoughts on “Vogue Parody – 73 Questions About Me

      1. Ohh I don’t know if I can think of so many things twice… I can’t lie, so my fibs would be outrageous! (and silly) x

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      2. Lol! It would be a fun read tho! You could do the answers as a) or b) and get people to select whether the answers are true or false and then do a post after with the scoring on it! Xxx


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