How to Develop Your Own Fashion Style


I am a big fan of fashion but an even bigger fan of creating my own style using fashion pieces mixed with tried and tested favorites that I already own, for me, it is more about how I curate my look rather than where I buy it.  In this post, I will be discussing ways to develop your own fashion style and give you some ideas on how to create your own look.

Developing your own fashion style is a bit like creating your own brand, choosing a color palette, patterns, accessories and a host of other things, that when bought together, create a look that is uniquely yours.

Firstly, I like to think about color and decide on a primary color – red, yellow or blue.  Don’t worry about the tone of the color, you could choose rose, mustard or turquoise as they are still part of the “primary color” family.  This color will be used for the basics of your style – the t-shirts, vest tops, jumpers, all those items that can be thrown together with anything you own.

Next, I like to think about patterns.  The pattern you pick, whether stripes, floral, gingham, zigzag, will be used to create a set of separates – dresses, tops, trousers, skirts, etc.  Choose patterns in colorways that will complement the color you chose in the first step as this will guarantee that you have a series of things that go together from the off.  I am really into black and white stripes at the moment which goes with any color.

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Thirdly, choose a color opposite the primary color you chose in the first step.

  • Red = yellow-green, green, blue-green.
  • Yellow = red-violet, violet, blue-violet.
  • Blue = red-orange, orange, yellow-orange.

These are called complementary colors and work well together, acting as an enhancer of the other color.  These colors will be used for accessories such as jewelry, bags, shoes and, belts.

From this, you can assess what style you are most comfortable in or what style you wear on a regular basis.  Is this style formal, smart casual, casual, laid back, sporty or something else?  I am most comfortable and reach for items that are loose fit, boho, hippy and that have a beach/festival vibe.

Before buying anything go and see what you have in your wardrobe and think about things you can already wear.  Sometimes, by just re-thinking what you would wear with which item can give your style a new lease of life.  Note down any gaps in your attire and decide whether you are going to get that item in your primary or complementary color or in your chosen pattern.

Remember things such as jeans and jackets can be re-vamped and styled with ease, and you will probably have lots of items that can help to form the basis of your style, or help you to transition into your new look!  Try pairing black jeans, trousers or leggings with a bright t-shirt, blazer, and bright handbag and shoes!

I have found, since developing my own fashion style I always have something to wear to any occasion, I spend less time thinking about what I am going to wear, love all items in my wardrobe, they all get worn and I spend less time making terrible shopping choices!  In fact, I spend less on clothes now that I am happy with my style rather than buying off the peg outfits in a hurry.

What is your go-to fashion style?

18 thoughts on “How to Develop Your Own Fashion Style

  1. My personal style is simple, (hopefully) classy, and comfortable. I like to pick shirts that I can pair with jeans for everyday life or dress pants for a more professional look. I think that having only work clothes is a waste of money so I like mine to do double duty most of the time. I don’t do what you’ve said and focus on one colour or a set of colours, I like to have a wide range of things and rather go with items that I need/make me feel good. That being said, I really hate shopping for clothes lol Sometimes it’s hard to find something in my size and I get discouraged easily. I have to buy basically all new things for the new school I’m starting at so I’m kind of dreading that.

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  2. Thank you for this helpful post. go-to is always the classics. I like to keep it simple and timeless. Trends and fads were never my thing, even when I was a teen (I am in my early-mid 30s now). I love to wear bright colours and accessorize with jewellery, shoes, sunglasses and bags. I am mostly in jeans and dress pants. I prefer a dark washed jeans over a light one. They work wonderfully both as an casual option as well as dressy. Recently, I am finding myself really drawn to neutral colours when it comes to my tops, bottoms and things like blazers or cardigans. Khaki, brown, camel, mocha, caramel, taupe, tan, grey, burgundy, burnt orange etc, and bright colours for my shoes and bags.

    I never thought of myself as someone to wear hot pink pumps, but I bought a pair a few days ago. It came in the mail today and I love it! I am thinking it will go really well with a white, cream or light brown pants or even a dark pair of dark denim and a top in the pale-dark pink colour group!

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I love those colours! They are perfect to mix with acidic brights and darker colours too!! The shoes sound amazing!!! I have a pair of pink low top canvas sneakers and have worn them with almost every outfit! Xxx

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