Weekly Roundup 23/06/19 – 29/06/19

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  • Sunday 23/06/19

It rained for much of the day so I spent some time working on my blog and figuring out the schedule for July.  My Mum and Dad phoned me to see if I wanted to go down to theirs for a bit, they would pick me up on their way home from the tip which isn’t too far from my house.  I got picked up around 3:20pm and when we got to my parents I had a cup of tea and some banana cake that my Mum had baked.  I got home around 7:00pm and read some of my book for a bit then watched a film on Netflix.

  • Monday 24/06/19

Had a day off on Annual Leave today so spent the morning working on my blog and watching films on Netflix.  The weather was hot and damp and quite horrid and humid and stayed that way much of the day.  In the afternoon my neighbor popped around for a chat, it had been her Birthday last week and I had some presents here for her.  We had a lovely catch up, she had been to London over the weekend so we had a lot to catch up with!  I had a delivery of things from Hobbycraft for flatlays and I’m super excited to start working on some photography ideas that I have!

  • Tuesday 25/06/19

Work today.  It was another wet day but felt cooler than yesterday.  I found out that I had been accepted for the Mediator position and that training starts on Monday, lasting for 3 days.  I’m quite excited to see what the training will be like and be able to learn new skills.  Work passed pretty quickly, but, in the afternoon I started feeling a bit sick and hot.  I thought it may just be the weather but I seemed to feel worse as time went on.  I left work at 4:00pm. I got home and had a glass of cold water but was still feeling hot and a bit wobbly on my feet so went for a lie down for a bit.  Roxy sensed that I wasn’t feeling good and came and lay with me.  I managed to sleep for a few hours but woke feeling the same.  I got up and came downstairs and decided to paint some wooden letters that I had bought and watched something on Netflix to take my mind off the sick feeling.

  • Wednesday 26/06/19

Woke up feeling really ill so I phoned work and let them know I wouldn’t be in.  I spent much of the day sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, reading some blogs that I follow and having cuddles with Roxy.  I had a sleep in the afternoon for a few hours as I felt really worn out.  My friend called by in the evening to see how I was feeling, we watched some things on the i-player/Netflix before he went home.  I keep going hot and cold all the time but the sick feeling is starting to subside which is a good thing as I really hate feeling sick.  I sat and played around with a few ideas on Canva before heading to bed.

  • Thursday 27/06/19

I’m still not feeling right and had a night of sweating and being over hot to being freezing cold.  I didn’t sleep too well because of this and am still feeling rough now.  I called into work and let them know that I wouldn’t be in again today.  It is really sunny today and I wish I was feeling well enough to go out into the garden to do some things out there but I really can’t face it.  I have spent the day working on my blog schedule and a few ideas that I have for future posts.

  • Friday 28/06/19

Today was spent working on some photography ideas, updating my CV and some other admin things that needed to be done.  Once I had got all of that out of the way I spent the afternoon catching up on blogs, reading and doing some housework.  It was a very chilled out and mellow kind of day which was nice.

  • Saturday 29/06/19

Today I woke late and decided that I would just work on some blog ideas.  the day was super hot which scuppered my plans to do things in the garden, though I did head out around 3:30pm and do some weeding.  It was too hot for Roxy and me though and we were soon back indoors where it was cooler.  We spent the afternoon in the house with the fan on watching films on Netflix and working on some blog things.

What have you been up to this past week?  Let me know in the comments!

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