Saturday Shout Out – Bipolar Barb


Todays Saturday Shout Out goes to Bipolar Barb, a mental health and living with mental illness blog that has been running since August 2017.

Barb writes about lots of aspects of mental health and her journey with her own mental illness, she writes in a really frank and open way and her posts are always interesting to read.

Some of Barb’s favourite posts that she has written to date are

A fun fact about Barb is

I played the bass drum in my high school marching band.

As 2 in 4 people in the UK alone, will at some point suffer from their mental health, it means that very probably a family member or friend will have issues, reading Barb’s blog is really useful.  I really think that talking about mental health is a really important issue, so please go and check out her blog and support her!

You can find Barb over on


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