Monthly Goals – June

Monthly Goals

I decided at the beginning of the year that I would not make any Resolutions or yearly goals but, rather, make monthly ones that were more easily obtainable, you can find all my Monthly Goal posts here.

Today I am looking at the goals I set myself last month and whether I achieved them and setting myself goals for June.

Here are last month’s goals and whether I managed them!

Blog and Social Media

  • Update Media Kit.  In all honesty, the only reason I did not get around to getting this done was that I totally forgot about it.  This coming month I am making this a priority and will get it done in the first week of June.
  • Check all backlinks, categories and tags.  I spent an afternoon and evening working on this and managed to check all the links in all my blog posts as well as the categories and tags too!  I am quite pleased with how little time it took up as I had expected it to take a lot longer!
  • Work on Blog Awards.  I managed this!!!  I got all outstanding awards out of the way that were pending!  I really like recieveing awards and reading others responses to the questions asked!
  • I’m thinking of introducing a few new elements to my blog so I want to work on graphics for these things and introduction posts for them.  I managed this!  I introduced Saturday Shoutout’s and Weekly Roundup’s too!


  • Paint the spare room.  Another month where I have not got around to this.  I thought I was decided on a colour then, at the last minute, I hesitated and decided that I would wait a while longer until I am 100% sure of the colour I want to use before I go out and buy the paint.
  • Wash all bedding and towels.  I had a full day of washing in May and got all the bedding and towels done!  I even got the sofa covers, cushion covers and blankets washed too!  My house looked like a laundrette but smelled amazing!
  • Sort clothing.  This was a half/half…I sorted the clothes in my wardrobe and packed away my winter clothes but the shelving which holds all my tops and jumpers has yet to be started.  I couldn’t decide how I wanted to store my clothes which was a bit of a hindrance to my progress.

Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, and Interests

  • Plant up peas and beans.  I decided against planting the seeds out as the rain has been pretty heavy so this task has been added to my June Goals.
  • Plant out Rhubarb, Gooseberry and HydrangaI got these planted out in mid May and, despite my concerns of the hydranga and gooseberry bushes being pot bound, both are looking so much healthier and are flourishing in the bed where I planted them!
  • Set up Bullet Journal for June.  This is one goal that I got a bit over enthusiastic with and now, not only have I got June set up but I have a complete journal done for the rest of 2019!  And I don’t know if I should admit this, but I have also got part of 2020 set up in another journal that I bought in TKMaxx recently too….


  • Read a book.  I can tick this off!  I have read the whole of the Mandasue Heller Two Faced book that I picked up in May!  I really enjoyed it!
  • Give myself a manicure and pedicure.  Another half completed goal!  I gave myself a manicure and painted my nails with Leighton Denny Grey Radiance polish.  I have yet to give myself a pedicure and for this I am blaming the weather!  Because of the rain and showers we have been having I have not even considered wearing my sandals yet, but this month I am determined to get my feet looking pretty and into sandals so a pedicure would be the perfect pamper to get my feet summer ready!
  • Work on my book.  While I have not been working on my book in any sort of routinely manner I have been making notes as and when and making progress each week and this is something I would like to continue into June.  Hopefully, by doing little and often, it will become a habit and I will be one step closer to completion!



Goals for June

Blog and Social Media

  • Update Media Kit.  I have no idea how many months I have been putting this on my Monthly Goals list, 2 maybe?  3?  I have no idea but it is getting tiresome to keep adding it each month so I really should get around to updating it soon.
  • Interact on Social Media Channels more.  While I have Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr, I very rarely find myself taking part in any conversations that are happening on there or leaving comments so this is something I want to start to work on this month!
  • Share more unique content on Social Media Channels.  I have been treating all of my social media channels in the same way, whether it be the direct sharing of my blog posts through wordpress or the same images that get shared from my instagram to my other channels and I have sort of had a bit of an epiphany so to speak, and I have come to the realisation that not all social media channels are born equal or work in the same way.  With this knowledge, I want to start to share different content over all of my social media and see what happens and which sort of posts people engage with better on each platform that I have an account with!
  • Advertise for Saturday Shoutout over all media channels in a better way.  This last Blog and Social Media goal links with the above and I think I need to start to utilise each platform in a better way to advertise my Saturday Shoutout feature.


  • Paint kitchen.  2 months now this has been lurking on my Goals list, and it still hasn’t been done yet.  And I have no excuses.  This month the painting will be defeated!
  • Sort shelves in bedroom wardrobe.  While I managed to get the wardrobe clothing sorted and my winter wear put away, the shelving is another matter…I still have winter jumpers and long sleeved t-shirts muddled in with my summer tops and tshirts and it is starting to annoy me!  I need to sort out a better way to store my t-shirts and vest tops than just folding and stacking so this is something I have already got time put aside to tackle!
  • Plan Barbecue for 1 year house anniversary.  I will have been in my house for 1 whole year on 26th June!!!  I didn’t have a house warming party but this year I am going to try and plan an Anniversary Barbecue for the weekend following the 26th!!!  Hopefully the weather will be good and my garden will be in a better state than it is right now!
  • Sand down pallets and decide whether to varnish, wax or cover them to make a bed base.  Last year I got given 4 pallets that I originally intended to make into garden furniture but have not yet done anything with.  I was in two minds about making them into garden furniture as I didn’t want them to stay out in all weathers and I had no where really to store them in the winter months so that plan went on hold.  Recently I have decided that I want to make them into a bed base but before I do that I need to decide how I am going to do that, there are so many different methods I could use so a bit of research and planning is needed first!

Arts, Crafts, Hobbies and Interests

  • Create a wildflower bed in garden.  I have wanted to make a wildflower bed for some time, but with the ground in my garden being somewhat unpredictable it has not been something that I have been able to achieve yet.  I am hoping that June will be the month that I finally get this underway!  I have the ideal spot where I want it to go, and I have an idea of how I want to execute it so all I really need to do now is to jump to it and start digging and sewing!
  • Plant peas and beans.  With the weather in May being a little unpredictable I have not planed the beans or peas yet.  We have had some really, super heavy downpours of rain and, in all honesty, I have been a bit relieved that I have not planted these out yet as I think that the rain would have battered the seedlings to shreds.  Now the weather is looking calmer I think it is time to get the seeds in!
  • Plant Sweet Peas.  I bought several varieties of Sweet Pea seeds at the end of May so I want to set them off to grow, I am unsure whether to plant the seeds directly in the soil or to propogate them and then plant the seedlings out when they have started to become strong enough plants.  If you have any advice let me know in the comments!!!!
  • Decide where to place rose and lavender and plant.  Another end of month buy that I purchased at the end of May.  I have a few ideas where I want to plant them so preparing the ground and planting them out is the next step!
  • Plan food and finalise activities for Crafternoon.  My next Crafternoon event is fast approaching and while the event itself may not be taking place until mid July I would like to have as much detail planned and finalised as possible so I know what I need to prepare for the day, what needs setting up and how the day will be planned.


  • Work on book notes.  While I have been working on my book notes on and off through May it has triggered some ideas that I had never even occurred to me or that I had even considered previously.  I would like to investigate these thoughts and then get them written down properly.
  • Read another book.  I have finished the Mandasue Heller book that I picked up from the book swap shelf in work and have picked up another book that caught my eye –  Frozen Grave by Lee Weeks which I am hoping to start and complete this month!
  • Meal plan for work lunches.  I have been taking sandwiches to work with me for lunch most days, on others I have been having leftovers but I want to create a meal plan that is a bit more interesting but easy to prepare and that travels well.  With summer here I would like to be eating a lot more fruits and salads than I do at present so this would be a great oppertunity to shake up my meals in the day!
  • Plan and pack for Bloggers Bash.  I have my travel sorted and have purchased my Bash ticket so all that I need to do is plan what I need to pack and then pack it all!  I am terrible for over packing and having a hugely heavy bag that I cart around with me so I want to take some time to properly prepare and work out what I need so that I can travel a bit lighter this time!
  • Work on ‘time’ schedule.  Now that I have a few new things going on blog wise I am finding that my original schedule of time is not sufficient enough so I need to re-think my time plan and schedule in more time for things like emails and social media to make my life a bit easier and keep on top of all things blog related!

That’s all my goals for the month! What goals do you have for June?  I’d love to hear what your plans and ideas are in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Monthly Goals – June

  1. WOW you did so much work for your bullet journal! One of my concerns that keeps me from getting one is the time factor to set it up. Congratulations on getting the rest of the year done! Do you mind me asking how much time it took you? Do you do lots of pages? I don’t think I’d go all out like some people do with doodle pages and picture pages and stuff but I still think I’d love to try it one year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to spend hours on my bullet journal (you can see some of them on my planner insta @plannermontannah ) but now I just do a semi fancy monthly page and just have sections for days really! This one took me a few days to do… I was binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix at the time! I’ve run it from May to December and it’s about 2/3 full! The rest is for notes and ideas and other stuff that I think of! I’m using a different format tracker each month until I have figured out which one works best for me!!! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right now I’m tracking fitness and three different pay jobs in my standard planner so I see the appeal of having a bullet journal set up to track things better. I always say “maybe next year” but this year might be the year! Haha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I checked out your Instagram page and almost fainted!!! Haha! I’m still considering it. Like always hehe! But if I ever do get around to making one, you know I’ll make a post about it!

        Liked by 1 person

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