Weekly Roundup 19/05/19 – 25/05/19

Weekly Roundup 12_05_19 - 18_05_19

  • Sunday 19/05/19

This morning when I woke up the sun was shining and it was the perfect light to take some photos for upcoming blog posts.  I decided to do this as soon as I got up as I want sure if the light would change, right before I had my first coffee of the day!  I got dressed and had my breakfast but by that time the rain clouds had gathered and it rained, heavy showers from mid-morning through to the night which scuppered my plans of doing some more to the garden.  Instead, I had a few ideas for graphics so spent some time playing around with Canva.  I had a shower and managed to get 2 loads of washing done and dry.  In the evening I was shutting my downstairs curtains and noticed that my tyre was flat.

  • Monday 20/05/19

I had been worried about how I was going to get to work when my tyre was flat and I have no pump for it, but my friend called in before work and blew it up for me with his tyre pump.  Work was a bit stressful, I felt like I had loads to do and not enough time to get things done in, along with that my computer, or the system, was running slow which didn’t really help my stress levels.  I stayed a bit late in work so I could get a few more things done and out of the way.  I quite like staying late, even if it is just for an extra hour, it is so much quieter and I feel like I get more done then.  I came home after work and didn’t really do much, just had some food, watched an episode of Gossip Girl and headed to bed as I felt really drained.

  • Tuesday 21/05/19

I woke up with a trapped nerve in my neck this morning.  It didn’t seem to bad when I woke and I thought it was just a bit stiff but when I tried to sit up it was really painful.  Turning my neck to look to the right was really uncomfortable and it took me ages to get ready as everything I did seemed to make it hurt.  I did some neck stretching moves in work which seemed to help relieve it a bit and by the afternoon it was only twinging when I moved too much.  Work was better today and I was glad I stayed and got some other bits done last night as it made my day a lot easier.  After work I went to my local town and bought some new summer tops, the ones that I have are at least 3 years old and the material has gone really see-through, not ideal for wearing to work!  My friend came over in the evening and we decided to have a take away from the local Indian.  We ordered a Vegetable Thali, chips, popadoms and mango chutney, it was lovely!  After tea we started watching The Society on Netflix, I had seen a few trailers for it and it looked interesting and I wasn’t disappointed!

  • Wednesday 22/05/19

Woke up to my neck still giving me grief.  I had planned on going and doing some gardening this evening but I’ve given it a miss as I don’t want to make it any worse than it already is.  Work went without any problems and I am off tomorrow and Friday which I’m really looking forward to!  I bought travel tickets to go to London next month!  I am planning on staying with my brother for a few nights and really looking forward to that!  I treated myself to a bottle of wine after work and had a nice, chilled glass of it while chilling on the sofa with Roxy reading blogs and watching Gossip Girl.

  • Thursday 23/05/19

Annual Leave Day!!!!  I had a lovely lie in with Roxy before getting up.  I spent the morning pottering around in my pyjamas before having a shower and going to town.  A friend wanted me to pop to Currys and get him a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones, while I was there I popped to TKMax which is not far away and picked up a new food bowl for Roxy, a lovely silk maxi skirt for myself and a lovely new notebook (which I didn’t need really, but I fell in love with it and have a use for it next year!).  I came home and got changed then my neighbour and I went to the cinema to watch Avengers Endgame!  I won’t say anything about the film aside from Wow!!!  When we came back we had a drink at mine and my neighbour looked at what I had been doing with the garden and chatted about the plans I had for it then we went to hers and spent some time looking at all the plants that she had in her garden!  I have so many ideas now!  In the evening I went to visit my friend and took Roxy with me, it was nice to have a catch up.

  • Friday 24/05/19

Annual Leave.  Woke early to bright sun streaming through the bedroom window, I really must remember to shut my curtains in the night!  I cleaned the house, dusted, hoovered, mopped, moved some things around and put some other things away!  I nipped down to B&M and bought some pots for my plants to sit in so they don’t widdle water everywhere when I water them.  I then moved my plants from the kitchen draining board into the dining area and put them on the window sill.  My friend and I had planted some strawberry and chilli seeds in pots and they are already growing really well so hoping that by putting them in more sunlight they will soon flourish!  I’ve been wanting to put some pictures up on my wall for ages now, on my trip to B&M I picked up some Command Picture Strips, a bit like velcro, to hang my pictures up!  I managed to get all the pictures up that I wanted, both in my bedroom and downstairs!  I also managed to finish reading my book – Mandasue Heller Two-Faced, I decided to treat myself to a little rest between everything at lunch and spent a lovely hour curled up reading and enjoying a coffee!

  • Saturday 25/05/19

This morning I felt like I was on a go slow.  I didn’t wake particularly early and when I did it seemed to take me forever to get anything done.  I had a late breakfast/early lunch at 11:45 then got dressed and decided that my neck was much better.  I went out in the garden and removed some big rocks from under my lawn that I am going to use as border edging for the wildflower bed that I’m going to create at the bottom of the garden.  It was a lot warmer outside than I had anticipated given that it was so overcast and stormy looking.  I was covered in dirt dust and a bit sweaty once I came in so I had a shower and a midday nanna nap with Roxy.  When I woke I walked up to the local shop and got some bits and pieces that I needed food wise.  I came home and cooked some food, it is amazing how being outside in the fresh air can give you such an appetite!  I’m now sat down and finishing this entry before watching some more Gossip Girl and reading some blogs before I head to bed!

What have you been up to this week?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!!!

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