Weekly Roundup 05/05/19 – 11/05/19

Copy of Weekly Roundup

05/05/19 – 11/05/19

  • Sunday 05/05/19

Today I spent the day doing the washing.  I managed to get a load of white clothes done ready for the summer as well as my usual clothes washing.  I worked on some graphics for my blog using Canva and worked on some upcoming blog posts too.  In the evening my friend came round and we watched the first episode of The Blue Planet on Netflix and Pacific Rim (amazing film!!!).  I also managed to close all the rings on my Apple Watch Activity wooo!!!!

  • Monday 06/05/19

Today is a Bank Holiday, commonly known as Early Spring Bank Holiday though I like to see it as a free day off from work!  I woke early and spent some time just lazing in bed snuggling with Roxy before getting up and making coffee.  I worked on some things for the blog then one of my friends called in so we could finish off filling in forms for his van.  I then spent the rest of the day reading blogs, my book and my Blogosphere magazine.  I had planned on going out into the garden and doing some more digging but it felt a bit too cold to be outside for long.

  • Tuesday 07/05/19

I worked today but finished early as I had some flexi-time built up which meant I could leave at 4pm instead of 5pm!  I had to go and pick up my meds from the chemist, they keep my prescription there and order my repeats from the doctor for me which is really handy.  Once I had collected my meds I headed home and got changed.  The weather has been really nice today so I headed out into the garden to plant out my hydrangea and do some more digging.  I had an early night as I was feeling pretty tired after all that fresh air!

  • Wednesday 08/05/19

Today I was supposed to be going to the cinema with my neighbour to watch Avengers Endgame but we couldn’t book seats as there were none left so we have decided to try again next week.  I’ve not been feeling too good today, a bit dizzy and light headed so not going to the cinema was probably a good thing.  I came home from work and literally crawled into bed and stayed there snuggled up with Roxy and slept.

  • Thursday 09/05/19

Another day in work!  It has been really quiet in work this week as we have finished payment for the month and are just working on finishing up payment.  We can’t start working on the next payment until all the figures are checked and everything is finalised.  My friend came over after work and we watched F.R.E.D.I on Netflix, its a film about a robot!  I quite enjoyed it!  After my friend had gone home I sat and watched an episode of Gossip Girl then Roxy and I decided it was bedtime!

  • Friday 10/05/19

I quite like Fridays at work because it is dress down day and I can wear jeans and comfy clothes!  I don’t really have to think much about what I am going to wear and just throw on jeans, a t-shirt and hoodie and I’m pretty much ready for my day!  I also like that it is really quiet in the office as there are not many people in.  My day seemed to go fairly quickly as I was working on something I don’t normally do so learned a lot today!  I then came home and decided that it was a nice evening to spend time in the garden.  I have decided to extend the veg patch and am currently working my way along and getting rid of grass, weeds and brambles before turning the soil.  I was in bed by 11:45pm!

  • Saturday 11/05/19

Today I woke up around 8:30am, came downstairs and made a coffee before letting Roxy out to investigate the garden.  I still wasn’t feeling too good from Wednesday, a bit dizzy and light headed and had a bit of a headache so Roxy and I went back to bed with my book and coffee.  We fell back asleep and woke around 3:30pm.  We got up, I had a coffee and have been sat reading blogs and catching up with some things that I have needed to do on my blog!

What has your week been like?  Let me know what you have been up to in the comments!!!

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