Top 10 Quick Cleaning Ideas


Another Thursday and another Top 10 list!  Today I’m sharing my Top 10 Quick Cleaning Ideas!  If you are anything like me, you may get a call from a friend or relative at short notice to say they are popping by and the house is less than tidy, this list of things really helps me to make my home more presentable in a really short space of time!

  1. Wash up the crockery, dry and put away.
  2. Clean the sink, draining board and kitchen worktops.
  3. Wizz the Hoover around high traffic areas like the hallway and living area.
  4. Plump up the cushions and fold the sofa blankets nicely.
  5. Tidy the coffee table and wipe over.
  6. Open the window and let some fresh air in.
  7. Tidy the dining table or other places piles seem to accumulate.
  8. Wipe around the sink and toilet.
  9. Put cleaner down the toilet.
  10. Make sure the hallway is clear and smells nice (I turn my plug-in air freshener on for 15 mins but a blast of air freshner will work just as well!)

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