Top 10 Places to Stationery Shop


It’s no secret that I have a massive love affair with all things stationery, so today in my Top 10 Thursday list I am sharing my favorite places to buy stationery and stationery related products.  These are in no particular order!

  1. Paperchase
  2. The Pen and Paper – Cardiff
  3. WH Smith
  4. Smiggle
  5. Hobbycraft
  6. Ryman
  7. TK Maxx
  8. The Journal Shop
  9. Cult Pens
  10. Ohh Deer

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Places to Stationery Shop

  1. I share your love for stationery. Online, I like Fox and Star or Chase + Wonder.
    For cheap and cheerful stuff for the kids I go to Wilkinsons, nicer than you’d expect and the prices mean it’s less annoying when they lose everything.

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    1. I had a really lovely pen from Wilkinsons that I used for the whole of uni! It wrote really nicely and didn’t ever seem to run out! On the last day of uni someone pinched it from my desk! xx

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  2. I have a major thing for stationery – or rather l used to, it’s not so passionate these days. I couldn’t walk past a shop that sold the stuff without going in and checking it out, there was something very therapeutic about it all, mind you it might have been the bright colours that l found relaxing.

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    1. I love all the bright colours too and all the different designs available! I’ve never been one for candy really but the phrase “like a kid in a candy shop” springs to mind!!!! Roxy and I are planning on sitting down over the weekend and going through her interview questions! Hope thats ok? xx

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