My Favorite Outfit – Spring

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I love the Spring, the days starting to get warmer and the need for less layers of clothing, but still experiencing the sharp coolness of the morning and the dampness in the air.

My go to outfit for this time of the year is my corduroy dungarees dress that I got from Asda a few years ago.  It is a chunky, brown cauderoy fabric that is perfect for this time of the year and is neither too short or too long.  It is great for wearing on weekends and work days and because of this I get a great deal of wear from it.

I like to pare my dress with a long sleeve t-shirt, sometimes striped, sometimes plain as it is a brilliant way of adding layers to the outfit without creating too much bulk that a jumper would add.  I get my long sleeve t-shirts from Primark as they wash well and come in a huge variety of colours, styles and patterns.

I add a long cardigan in a chunky knit over my outfit, it adds a nice juxtaposition of textures and a cozy feel to the outfit.  I got this cardigan in Asda but most places now seem to do long cardigans in all sorts of knit.

To finish the outfit off I like to add super thick tights (there is nothing worse than cold legs!),  and a pair of cute, flat boots.  I’m really loving this Dr Marten pair that my friend got me for my Birthday last year!

What is your favorite Spring outfit?



6 thoughts on “My Favorite Outfit – Spring

  1. I am in love with those boots!!! Omg! Lol I don’t really have a go to spring outfit. I do have a few floral pieces that I bust out as soon as physically possible though haha

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